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10.  One Magic Christmas—I saw this when it came out (1985) and my kids were little.  I really enjoyed it. It is, basically, a variation of It’s A Wonderful Life.  It’s a good one though.  It stars Mary Steenburgen and Harry Dean Stanton.  I hadn’t seen it in a long time but I always think of it as a very special Christmas movie.  Tonight, it was on Hallmark and I was able to enjoy it once again.

9.  While You Were Sleeping—I love Sandra Bullock!  In this movie, she plays a toll worker at the train station in Chicago.  One day she saves the life of a man that has been mugged and has fallen onto the train tracks when the train is coming. She pulls him to safety.  At the hospital she is mistaken for his fiancé and she doesn’t correct anyone because she has loved this man from afar.  It takes place over the holidays and there is a lot of “magic” happening .  I enjoy this one year round.

8.  The Lemon Drop Kid (1951 version)—This is a very, very old movie which I haven’t seen since I was a child.  It stars Bob Hope.  It’s funny but also involves “the mob”.  Bob Hope, at one point, is a sidewalk Santa and as he strolls through the streets with his girlfriend, they sing Silver Bells.  I don’t think I’ve ever heard is sung like that since.  If you can find this one, I highly recommend it.

7.  Charlie Brown Christmas—A classic.  This is the one I never miss.  The other Charlie Brown movies I will gladly skip but this one makes me cry every time, and I don’t cry at cartoons!

6.  Polar Express—This is the 2004 movie interpretation of the 1985 Chris Van Allsburg children’s book.  I loved the book since it came out.  I had it for my kids and when I became a teacher, I read it to my class each Christmas and we made jingle bell necklaces that the kids wore every day until Christmas.  It’s the story that reminds us all to “believe”.  A must see…or at least pick up the book.  You won’t regret it.

5.  A Christmas Story—1983 movie set in the 50’s.  It deals with the family life and drama surrounding Ralphie (9 y/o) who wants a BB gun for Christmas.  We see him dealing with his little brother and having to suffer at the hands of the school bullies.  We see the world through his bespectacled eyes and although we realize that what he is going through is only temporary and he will survive it, Ralphie thinks he won’t survive it and he doesn’t understand why he has to go through it all.  I truly enjoy this one every year.

4.  Home Alone 2, Lost In New York—This one is a tough one for me to see each year.  During the course of  Kevin’s escapades, he meets a woman in Central Park who feeds pigeons. At first he is afraid of the Pigeon Lady but later, he befriends her and she takes him to hear music at Carnegie Hall where they discuss her life and why she is as she is.  She tells him that she once loved someone that she trusted very much but it turned out that they could not be trusted and that one day they stopped loving her and loved someone else.  Her life is as it is because she can no longer trust or love anyone.  This was the tough part for me because I took the kids to see this about three weeks after their dad walked out on us.  I could identify with the Pigeon Lady!  Aside from this, the scenes where Kevin’s mother is looking for her little boy lost in the big city, are really tear jerkers.

3.  White Christmas—I used to see this every year when I was growing up.  The 1954 classic stars Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney.  Aside from the musical numbers, it is a touching story of old Army buddies getting together to do something good for and old commander who has fallen on hard times.   Truly worthwhile.

2. Miracle On 34th Street (Natalie Wood version)—1947 B&W classic story of Susan Walker, a young child who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus because her mother has raised her not to believe in such childish foolishness.  Then one day, an old gentleman takes the place of Santa Claus on the float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade when the hired Santa arrives drunk.  Then the old gentleman starts all sorts of eyebrow raising when he fills out his job application as Kris Kringle.  He truly believes he is Santa Claus and almost everyone else believes him, too.  Except the adults.  Then he is put on trial to see if he is Kris Kringle or if he is mentally unstable.  The ensuing trial ends up putting the entire Santa Claus, North Pole, reindeer, thing on trial.  The final court scene is one of my favorite all time movie scenes.  I won’t tell you what it is.  You’ll have to watch.  There is also a remake of the movie.  It bears the same title and was done in 1994 that does justice to the 1947 version.  That one may be easier to find.

1. It’s A Wonderful  Life—I cannot recommend this one enough.  The 1946 classic black and white Frank Capra movie stars James Stewart starring as George Bailey who has fallen on bad times and wishes he had never been born.   That sparks the appearance of Clarence, an angel who is trying to earn his wings.  Clarence takes George on a journey to visit the past with George Bailey and then to visit the world as it would be if George Bailey had never been born.  Definitely a must see movie.

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Watching certain holiday or Christmas movies has become a tradition in my family. Christmas is not Christmas if I don’t get to watch It’s A Wonderful Life. There have been a few years when I don’t get to watch it and it doesn’t feel like Christmas has come and gone. There are other favorites but that’s my all time favorite Christmas movie. When I was a child, we used to watch Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in White Christmas. That became a favorite too, however if I don’t get to see that one, it’s not horrible. But if I don’t get to see It’s A Wonderful Life, it just isn’t Christmas.

My kids love to see A Christmas Story. I have seen parts of it over and over again but until last night, I had never sat down to see the entire movie from start to finish. It really is a wonderful movie. It takes place in the fifties and it gives the viewer that vintage small town feeling. It’s pretty funny, too. I love how the writer got into (or remembered) the child’s mind so well. Some of the classic scenes include a child being dared into sticking his tongue to a frozen metal pole in the dead of winter and there is a wonderful scene where the kids wait in a long, long line to see Santa and then when they get up there to see him, Santa is so strange and scary that they either cry or forget what they want for Christmas. If you haven’t already seen it, I really recommend it.

The other night we watched Miracle On 34th Street (the 1947 version). That’s another one that I love. My favorite scene is when they prove Kris Kringle is Santa Claus by having the U.S. Postal Service, as an official entity, deliver all of the Santa Claus letters to him in court. A truly classic scene. There are other movies that do it for me. If you get a chance to see a special Christmas movie, do it. It will put you in a holiday mood, for sure.

I haven’t seen It’s A Wonderful Life this season yet. I’m saving it. Maybe tonight. It’s sort of the icing on the cake for me so I’ll wait a bit.


Although this was originally posted two years ago, it’s still very true for me.  In fact, I’m watching my favorite Christmas movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, tonight.  I need something Christmassy tonight so this will be it.

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