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I have a lot of things on my mind today. I don’t know if I have the time to fully explore them here as I’m on my way out the door on an errand that will take most of the day. However, I did want to mention one of those things because it has bothered me a lot.

Yesterday, I watched as preparations were made for the Olympic torch to make its only North American procession in San Francisco, almost in my back yard. What happened was an insult to everyone. I do appreciate that all were kept safe but at what expense? I think it was censorship at its best. The torch and the runners were ushered away from the public view, away from the protesters, away from the supporters. It left everyone frustrated. It left the United States looking, not like a country that can keep the torch and the runners safe, but as a country that is so cowardly that they turned the moment into a farce. No one was allowed to view it. No one was allowed to protest. No one was allowed to support or cheer. No one was allowed to look upon the torch and dream that one day they would be an Olympic athlete. I guess it was just another instance of taking away our voice, our right to voice our feelings, our right to even dream.

Before yesterday, I was not really sure how I felt about supporting the Olympics being held in China. On the one hand, it’s just sports and maybe not a venue for political protestation. On the other hand, it is ALWAYS the place and time to protest inhumane treatment and censorship and all that is going on in Tibet and other places. I just wasn’t sure what I felt about the whole situation. Then yesterday happened.

Now I know that non-violent protest has a place all the time, and everywhere. Now I know that protesting against China’s treatment of Tibetans, even as it relates to the Olympics, is right. Now I know what I feel. I thank the San Francisco Police Department and the Powers That Were in control of yesterday’s fiasco. They’ve made me see this whole situation in a very bright, clear light.

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