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When I was over at my daughter’s a couple of weeks ago, there was a huge fighting, crying scene because the little one wanted the scissors and wasn’t allowed to use them and there were no kid scissors. So as I was putting together their Advent Calendar, which this year took the form of a “grab bag”where they could choose a wrapped gift from a Christmas bucket, I remembered this and picked up two kid ambidextrous (Anderson is a lefty) scissors for the bucket.

I heard from my daughter that they were a big hit then two days later, I got this picture by text from her:


Yup, they cut each other’s hair!

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When my kids were growing up, we lived in a small town near Los Angeles and in another town right next to us, one much smaller than ours, they had a Christmas parade each year, during the first weekend of December. Because it was in California, we didn’t often have to worry about wet weather but we did have to bundle up because even there, in the foothills of the Crescenta Valley, it could, and did, get very cold and windy.

For a small town, Montrose had a big parade. It wasn’t fancy. It featured every local school’s marching banc, every gymnastics troop, every scout group, a local motorcycle group performing stunts, and the last few years I attended, even the preschool participated with parents pulling the little ones in wagons and pushing them in strollers.

It was fun. It didn’t matter that there were no big, fancy floats. It just mattered that everyone was there for the same reason, to celebrate all the kids in the parade, young and old.  I remember the excitement as we headed for the parade each year. We had to get there early so we could get front row seats, sitting on the curb with blankets and taking a big thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks. It wasn’t until years after we started attending that the started to sell hot chocolate and cookies and all sorts of stuff. In fact, it makes me wonder what that little parade is like now. I’m sure it’s very different from the days when I marched the parade route with my Cub Scouts and my Girl Scouts. In fact, I had to do it twice. I had the parade organizers place my Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts far enough apart so I could march with one troop then run back to the beginning of the route to march with my other troop! Those were the days when I was young and had a lot more energy. I’m sure I couldn’t do that now!

Of course, the highlight each year was Santa Claus arriving over the parade route on the search and rescue helicopter! The helicopter hovered above the parade route with spotlights shining on Santa as he hung out the door waving to the kids below. It really was kinda neat!

Those memories bring back the good times; the times when all was good and we were happy; the times of innocence and believing in magic and the good in the world.

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Last week, Anderson (6) and I went to feed my daughter’s cats (she was out of town). We ran a few errands and stopped at IHOP. I’m teaching him to read and as part of that effort, I point out signs and store names and whatever print I see that might be easy enough for him to try to read or sound out the letters. So we are driving home and we were passing the hospital when this happened:

Anderson: ER. What is that, Nana? Why does it say ER.

Me: That means Emergency Room. E for Emergency and R for Room.

Anderson: What’s Emergency Room?

Me: That’s part of the hospital and people that are very sick and cannot wait to see the doctor go there. When people are in accidents, ambulances might bring them here to the Emergency Room if they are hurt.

Anderson: I never been to the Emergency Room, right Nana?

Me: Actually, you have. When you were a baby you got very sick and your mommy and I brought you here to this Emergency Room. And in the summer, we brought your mommy here, too. Remember?

Anderson: Oh, yeah. Have you ever been to the Emergency Room?

Me: Yes, a few years ago I had to come here.

Anderson: Why did you come here?

Me: Well, I had some very bad pains in my chest and your mommy brought me here to see if I might be having a heart attack.

Anderson: I had a heart attack too. I get that some time.

Me: You did? When was that? Why did you have a heart attack?

Anderson: (First he thinks about it then…) Well, I was playing and something happened and there was a very loud very bad noise or something and I my heart stopped and I thought I was going to die so I had a heart attack!

Children say the funniest things!

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I have prescription sunglasses that I wear, basically, only when I drive and because we don’t have a lot of sunny days, that’s not very often. In October we had 28 days of rain so you see, I don’t have to wear  those prescription sunglasses often.

On Thursday, I went to feed my daughter’s cats and it was sunny so I had my sunglasses on. When I got back, I went straight to my other daughter’s house, where the grandsons live. I walked in the door and Spencer ran over smiling. He took one look at me and stopped in his tracks. He started to take a step back. I asked him what was wrong and he said “Dark.”  That’s when I realized that I was still wearing my sunglasses. So I turned around, went to the car to get my regular glasses and went back in.  He ran to me and hugged me, laughing all the while and then said “Dark scary. No more dark, no more scary.”

That was my smile this week brought to you by 3 year old Spencer!

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I have been wanting to watch the Harry Potter movies to Anderson. Well, not just watch but introduce. He’s 6 and hasn’t seen any of them. I had told him about it a couple of weeks ago and we decided one day he would come without his brother and watch. Just the two of us. With the lights out and popcorn and candy.

Well, last night his brother fell asleep in the car on the way back from dinner. They stopped by to drop off  a couple of things and I asked Anderson if he wanted to have our special movie night. He said yes so we did it!

He really enjoyed the movie but he didn’t want me to leave his side, even for a minute. When he had to go to the bathroom, we paused it and I had to go with him. It was kinda cute. He kept saying “this is soooo cool!” And having it on a blu ray was neat because we could easily stop it and I could explain what was going on if necessary. Now he wants to watch the second one tonight. I told him maybe on the weekend!

So that’s my smile this week. I got to introduce a character and a whole series of movies to Anderson. My kids loved them and I thought he would, too. I was right! Here’s to imagination, magic, wonder, and lots more special movie nights with Anderson!

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When my daughter went in for her ultra sound a couple of weeks ago, she brought home the strip of pictures of the baby to show us. We showed the boys. Spencer just looked at it and said “tiny maymay” (he says maymay instead of baby). Anderson immediately said “it’s a brother.” We asked him why and he said “because it has no hair.” We tried to explain to him that on the ultra sound, hair doesn’t show up and also, not all babies are born with hair. He insisted that it was a boy because it had no hair. He was a little disappointed because he wanted a sister.

Fast forward to the reveal party last Saturday. Anderson sat next to his dad as his dad cut the cake. He had his hands up to his mouth, holding his breath. When everyone said “Pink!” he seemed to be disappointed. It turns out he wasn’t, he was just upset because he had been wrong! We were all wearing either pink or blue bracelets depending on what we thought the baby’s gender was and he had picked a blue one to wear because he was sure no hair meant a boy!

That was my smile. Watching him during that reveal. He’s now happy it’s a sister but for a while there, he wasn’t happy that he had been wrong!


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This started out as a good week. Then Tuesday came along.

First, my writing class went well even though the grades 5 to 7 turned out to be 4 to 8 which is a much tougher group. Some of the kids have trouble writing a sentence, let alone a paragraph. And then there are the kids that can write three or four coherent pages in ten minutes. I’ll find a way.

Anderson was to be at a P.E. class in the gym while I had my writing class but on Monday night, my daughter read the requirements which include closed toe shoes which he doesn’t have. He’s been in sandals or flip flops all summer and doesn’t have closed shoes yet. So he stayed home while I went to the writing class. When I got home, I picked him up and we went to the Library to look for some books on clouds, rain, and why the leaves change color on trees (all questions he has been asking about). When we arrived at the library, it was closed until noon because it was the day they open late and close late, which we didn’t know. There is a park across the street from the Library so I asked Anderson if he wanted to make up for missing P.E. by playing at the park. It’s a park he has been going to since he was four (he’s now six) and we call it the Climbing Park because they have a variety of climbing structures. He was happy to have a half hour of play time so we went across the street. He played for about ten minutes then I noticed that he wasn’t playing but sitting and it looked like he was trying to spit something out and then he’d look at his hand. I started walking over to him and called out to see if he was okay. He started walking toward me and said he was okay but I could see blood all over his face. I asked if he hit his mouth and he said yes. I asked if he knocked his tooth out and he said no, it was still there. I looked. Nope. It wasn’t there. He had knocked out the top front tooth on his right side and the one on the left was dangling. Ouch. Blood ALL OVER. I didn’t want to upset him so I tried to keep my cool and tried to remember if these were his baby teeth or the permanent ones. I couldn’t remember so I took a picture of the missing tooth and the one that was dangling and texted it to my daughter who was dropping Spencer off for his first day of preschool. She said they were both baby teeth. That was good. Anderson wanted to come home. He didn’t want to play any more or wait for the library to open. He didn’t want to come to my house. I could hear him almost hyperventilating as we walked to my car. I brought him to his house to wait for my daughter to arrive. Poor Anderson was really upset but he didn’t cry or complain.

We took him for a special lunch at Olive Garden where he has the soup and bread sticks but he couldn’t eat either. He didn’t even drink the water. We took him for a special treat (a Lego set) which he picked out but then wanted to leave right away. He turned down ice cream. We went to collect Spencer after school and Anderson played a little bit but then when we got home, he just sat. No talking. No eating. No drinking. He doesn’t want to open his mouth because he doesn’t want anyone to see what it looks like. He still has not eaten and it has been almost 48 hours since his last meal. He won’t drink anything either. We got him to sip a tiny bit of water so he doesn’t get dehydrated. Then today we spent the day at the dental clinic (county services) and because it was a walk in, we ended up waiting over six hours for the dentist who took some x-rays and showed us how the permanent teeth are right under the gums, ready to pop through. My daughter wanted them to pull the tooth so he will eat and drink but the dentist said it would be traumatic for him and didn’t do it. So now we wait for the loose tooth to drop off so he can start eating. He’s afraid to swallow the tooth, that’s why he doesn’t want to eat or drink.

I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll lose that one soon but if he’s not eating or drinking, he won’t be helping the tooth to fall out. Not to mention that he has to eat something and start drinking so he doesn’t get weak and dehydrated.

Life is tough when you’re 6.

And life is tough when you’re the grandma that is hurting for her little one and worried about him.


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This just happened this evening and I posted it on Facebook but then I decided it’s too sweet to not share here, too!

For about the last 7 months, Spencer had stuck himself to me like Super Glue and Anderson has become a stay at home boy. I’ve missed doing things with him, just the two of us. Tonight I was supposed to take them both to the play land at McDonald’s. Spencer fell asleep and we were going to wait for him to wake up but Anderson asked if I could take just him. I checked with Tina and she said go ahead and she and Spencer would do something when he woke up. So we were in the car and had this conversation…

Anderson : This feels so weird.
Me: What feels weird?
Anderson : Me and you going someplace together without Spencer.
Me: Is that good or bad?
Anderson : Well it’s good because I never get to go with you alone but I love my brother and I kinda miss him.


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First, I took Spencer to the park the other day. He kept insisting that he wanted an “out” park, not an indoor playground, but it was in the mid 90’s. So I put him in the car and decided to try to find a park with some shade and a playground. We ended up at a county park we had not been to previously, and even though there was a $5 day use fee, we went ahead and went in. It was very worth it! It was right next to the river and there were tall, tall trees so there was plenty of shade over the playground and the breeze brought us the coolness of the river so it was probably a good 8 to 10 degrees cooler than home. It felt really good to there. I enjoyed it as much as Spencer.

Then this happened when I wouldn’t let him stand at the bottom of the slide when people were coming down…


It turned out he wanted to climb up the slide like he does with his brother at other parks when there is no one else there. There was only one little girl there with her dad. The dad invited him to slide down the slide with them so he was happy and when they left, he got to climb up the slide!

And I have to share a very fun app that my friend mentioned on FB the other day and I tried it. It’s called Prisma and it’s free in the Google Play Store. You put in your photo (or take one within the app) then pick one of about 15 different effects that it applies to your photo to make a really fun art piece! I can’t stop playing with it. I like it a lot in terms of changing the pictures enough so I can share the boys’s pictures online. The boys love it, too. Here are a couple of pictures I made with it.

prisma Spencerprisma selfie


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