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After reading a friend’s blog post I couldn’t help but recall the first time I was successful at one of those things that everyone could do but me.

I think I was in fifth or sixth grade so probably around 11 years old.  My brothers and sisters, even the younger ones, could do that thing where they fling a towel at something and make it snap. I couldn’t.  That was only one of the many things I couldn’t do that everyone else could do.  Whistling was another.  I still can’t whistle to save my life. But on this one day, two of my brothers were determined to teach me how to fling that towel.  They kept giving me lessons but I couldn’t quite do it.  It was something about not being able to snap my wrist correctly.  I kept trying.  We were in the dining room and all of the sudden, I did it!  Yay!  Then there was a big “oops”!  I had hit a long hanging runner of my mother’s ivy plant that she had hanging on a planter on the wall.  And yes, it had snapped off!  I began to get really nervous about getting in trouble.  Then came the “oh no!  Oh no!”

My brothers kept saying it was okay.  I should just pretend that I didn’t know anything about it.  I should not confess like I had thought I should.  They were adamant.  I’m not sure why.  Perhaps it was because they were afraid they would get in trouble for teaching me to do that inside the house.  I should have listened to them.  I didn’t.  When my mom came in the room about five minutes later, she asked what had happened to her plant and I apologized and explained that I had done and how it had happened.  I should have listened to my brothers.  She was mad.  She slapped me and called me a few choice names.  She was really angry.  She didn’t usually spank us or yell at us like that but she was angry.

Now it’s kind of funny but then, it was not.

Yeah, sometimes it’s best to listen to the voice of experience, even if it tells you to do something you don’t think is right.  Actually, I’m not  to sure about that conclusion.  I’ve never been good at lying, either out and out lying or by omission so I’m pretty sure I could not have pulled it off even if I had tried to listen to them.

Some days are like that.

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