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If we were having coffee this week, I think I might have to try some tea. Since my surgery, I haven’t been able to enjoy coffee. First I couldn’t even think of having any then when I did, it just didn’t taste good anymore. I think I have had two good cups of coffee in over three weeks. And they were only partial cups because I couldn’t finish the rest of it. Oh well, it’s a good think I also like tea. I think I’ll try some mint or some chamomile. They both remind me of growing up. We always had mint growing in our yard, wherever we lived. When we needed or wanted mint tea, it was there for the picking, nice and fresh. I also love cold, iced mint tea in the summer time. Yum! My mom always reached for the “manzanilla” tea, which is chamomile, whenever we had anything wrong with us, headache, cramps, stomach ache, anything. The cure for all was always manzanilla.

If we were having coffee today, the day before Mother’s Day in the U.S., I would ask you about your mom. Any favorite memories? Anything funny? What about something that irks or used to irk you about your mom? I miss my mom. She lives in way, way, southern California (Hemet, CA). I haven’t seen her since last summer. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in September of 2013. From then on, I made it a point to go down there and spend a week or two every two or three months. However, because of my own health issues, I haven’t been able to go. I miss her. She has lived a long life and is a fighter. She’s 83 and has had two mastectomies, chemo, and radiation, all in the last 18 months.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you that it’s a pretty nice day outside. At least it looks like it. I haven’t been out since Tuesday when I went to the hospital for my post-op visit. It was raining then. It seems like the nice days only come when I am confined to quarters! I’m getting stir crazy. It will probably be another couple of weeks before my abdominal muscles are strong enough to drive. And I’m still too weak to go for a walk. I’m thinking I am going to try to take a short walk with the walker today. Just a couple of houses down and back. I don’t think I’m strong enough to do much more than that without a problem. I hope the weather holds up long enough for me to do that.

Well, if we were having coffee today, I guess I would check with you and see what your schedule is. I don’t want to keep you too long. I know everyone is busy, either with work or with enjoying leisure time. I don’t want to keep you from either. What do you have going today? Tomorrow? Will you be celebrating Mother’s Day?

If you’re a mom, or a dad who has/is raising his kids without a mom, I celebrate you! I wish you a wonderful day!

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