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She wore her glittery red dress as he held the door open for her to enter the diner.  She smiled and thanked him, noting how well dressed he was and how tall!  She loved tall men but she was not the type to strike up a conversatiion with a stranger so she walked into the diner and sat at the counter.  She usually sat at the counter when she was alone.  She didn’t like to take up a table that other larger parties could use.  Even when it was a slow night, you never knew when a large party would come in and need the table.  She had been a waitress for many years and this was the diner where she had first waitressed.  It had been several years since she had worked there but she still felt at home and when she was there, she always took a seat at the counter.

Although she hated going out alone, tonight she had done just that.  She had gone to the Museum of Art to catch her favorite painting before the exhibit closed in a couple of days.  Her favorite was Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.  There was something about it that drew her to it.  There was a sense of mystery and of lonliness, maybe even sadness, in the painting.  She also loved the way the darkness of the night and the building was illuminated by the light inside the diner.  The light made it possible to see the figures in the painting.  It was like they could not hide, even if they tried.  She asked for a cup of coffee and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake and as she waited for Philly to bring her order, she took out the print of the Hopper painting from the bag.  She had bought a small print for the wall of her new apartment.  She had wanted one forever but had never had the right spot to highlight it.  Until now.  She had her own apartment now.  No roommate to bug her about what she put on the wall.  She felt like it was a new beginning for her and she had bought the print to celebrate this new stage in her life.

“Hi.  I couldn’t help but notice the Nighthawk print.  It’s my favorite print.” It was the man in the grey pinstripe suit that had held the door open for her.  He looked at the print she was holding as he sat next to her at the counter.

“I hope you don’t mind if I join you.  It’s not often that I find a beautiful young lady sitting at a diner counter all alone and holding my favorite piece of art.” He smiled at her as he sat, not waiting for her to answer, not that she would have objected.

“I don’t know what it is about that painting.  It just gets to me.  See how it’s general a dark painting but the light inside the diner lightens it all up.  If these people have anything to hide, they’re sitting in the wrong diner because there’s nothing they can hide here.  It makes me wonder what they’re doing in there.  How about you?  What do you like about it?  Or maybe it’s not for you.  Maybe you’ve purchased it as a gift?” Suddenly he looked uneasy as he realized that he might have guessed wrong about her being all alone.

She looked around and couldn’t help but notice the similarity of this diner to the one in the painting, right up to the fact that she was only one of three customers in the place, and the only female.  This man sitting next to her was a total stranger.  Should she get up and walk away?  She she sit there and wait until he left before she left?  Suddenly she began to feel a little uneasy.

“I’m sorry.  If you’d like I’ll leave you alone.” He began to get up.  “I hope I didn’t alarm you.  I’m not a stalker or a serial killer.  Heck!  I haven’t killed even one person!  I’m sorry if I bothered you.  I was just drawn over here when I saw the Hopper print.  I thought we might have something in common.

She hesitated a bit then said, “No, it’s okay.  You don’t have to leave.  Please stay if you’d like.  The print is for me.  It has always been my favorite piece of art, too.  I guess we do have something in common.” She tucked her red hair behind her ear as Philly brought her coffee and cheesecake.  He looked like a nice guy but she would not take any chances.  She would sit here all night long if she had to.  She wouldn’t take the chance that he was a wack job.

They chatted about the exhibit they had both attended.  She had been there that night and he had been there a week before.  Before long, she was on her third cup of coffee and they had discussed Hopper’s Nighthawks and some of his other work.  They were both enjoying the evening, or rather the “after evening” and had forgotten that they were actually strangers to each other.  They chatted away, laughing and joking and enjoying some deeper insights into art and reality.

(This was inspired by a challenge to write about the Nighthawk painting…what’s the story behind the people in the painting?  I changed it up a bit and made the prompt mine.)

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A few months back, while going through my freecycle email, I saw an offer that caught my attention, not because it was anything I needed but because I smelled a story behind it.  I copied and pasted the listing into a document and saved it in my “Things to write about” folder.  I pulled it out last night and I’ve decided to work on it.

Below you will find the “offer” listing.  Now here’s the challenge: Take the listing and write whatever strikes your fancy after reading it.  Any form, any genre, any length.  Then post a link to your piece of writing in the comments below.

In the meantime, I will be working on mine.

Here’s the listing:

“I am giving away my wedding dress.  It is a size 3 or 5.  I couldn’t find a size tag on it.  It has beading and pearls on it and is long sleeved.  It has a long train.  It is white and is a very beautiful dress.  I has some dirty aras on the bottom of the train but will probably come out at the dry cleaners.  I’ve had it in a Rubbermaid box for near 10 years.  It was hanging up for a couple of years before that.  It was hanging on foam hangers and the foam started to fall apart and so there are pieces on the dress.  Everyting should be fine with a trip to the dry cleaners.  I would like this gone today, please.

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