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My less than two year old top of the line android has been on the blink for some time.  It shuts itself off.  The ringer works when it chooses to.  Text messages sometimes take two or three DAYS to come through.  Phone calls sometimes don’t go through yet there is a voice mail message from that missed call (which doesn’t show up in my call log at all).  I do not want to pay $600 for a new phone.  I don’t really want to sign another two year contract either (not to mention that I’m not eligible for the upgrade til May).  Then I found the phone I want, brand new, from Amazon…and unlocked!  Only $100.  So I ordered it and figured it would take care of all the problems.

However, there is one thing I really dislike doing…setting up a new phone.  I read on the amazon site how to do it but the app I needed would not load on to my Galaxy so I couldn’t do it.  Then AT&T said take it in to get the new nano SIM card and they would back everything up from the old card to the new one.  So I did that, even though I don’t go to malls and AT&T just moved into the mall, closing the location I used to use.  And today is the two year anniversary of a shooting at that same mall and I didn’t want to go but I did.  So the guy I got after waiting for 25 minutes gave me the new SIM card but did not back up my old data onto the new one, saying he “wasn’t an expert” at that.  What a jerk!!!

So now I have the next four or five hours ahead of me booked for merging contacts and all that stuff.  Then I have to download my apps.  And learn a new phone.  Then maybe I can test it to see if I like it.  I have 30 days to decide.

And you better believe I am going to let AT&T know what poor service I got tonight!

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A little break from all things Australian.

Last week I lost my cell phone.  I couldn’t find it when it was time to turn the alarm on at bedtime.  Finally, it occurred to me that I had it just before I turned on the washing machine.  Sure enough, it was in my pants pocket.  The pants were in the washing machine.  The washer tub was full of water and was ready to start up as soon as I shut the lid.  I fished out the phone and tried to take it apart right away.  That particular phone is really difficult to open.  I have never been able to do it.  I always end up having to take it to the AT&T store to have them do menial things like take out the SIM card.  All night I worried about my pretty pink Sony Ericsson walkman phone.

So the battery and SIM card stayed in the wet phone overnight.  The next day I went to breakfast with my daughter and she took it apart for me.  I put the SIM card into an old, old, old Motorola Razr which I never liked and only works sometimes. We waited to see if the phone would dry out and start working.  It didn’t.  So I remembered that I actually had insurance on that phone.  I called them up and sure enough, they cover water damage.  They sent me out a new phone.  It arrived on Monday.  The bad thing about having the insurance is that you have to take whatever they send you as a replacement.  You have no choice.  So what I got was an LG Xenon, in red.  It was very pretty and it had a Qwerty keyboard which makes it very easy for an old half blind lady like me to text message.  I tried to work it.  I tried to customize it.  I made my own ringtones for it.   Then in the end,  I realized I was only getting about ten percent of my phone calls.  The rest were not coming through.  The reception inside my house and in this area was horrible.

Yesterday I took the phone in to the AT&T store to see if they could help me out.  I knew it was a long shot because the phone was issued from their insurance which is administered by a company not owned by AT&T.  I was afraid I would have to pay another deductible which would end up not being a good deal at all  (the deductible is $50).  The manager was great.  He said he would call the insurance and deal with them for me and see if he could get them to send me a new phone.  He warned that they might not want to talk to him but if they would talk to him he was pretty sure that he could sweet talk them into sending out another one.

He was right.  They refused to talk to him and had him hand the phone over to me.  I explained the problem with one little twist.  Craig, the store manager had told me he was going to tell them that I had zero reception in my area and no other phone line.  So when I talked to the representative, I took my cue from Craig and told them the same thing and crossed my fingers.  They said yes.  They would send me out a different phone.  They didn’t say what I would get but they said they would try to send me out another Sony Ericsson or a Samsung.  They said I would get it next Tuesday.

Late last night, the same day I called it in, I got an email with tracking information for the replacement phone.  It was to be delivered today.  And it was.  I had a bright new red Sony Ericsson in my hand before 11 this morning!  The advantages to this brand of phone is that I already have all the accessories so I don’t have to get anything new, except maybe a memory card to load music and audio books onto.  And the big plus is that I already know how to work with the OS of the Ericsson, which is very intuitive and easy to deal with.

So now I have to customize it with my ringtones and pictures.  I usually have distinct tones for each of my kids and some other people I hear from often and contact pictures for my kids so that’ s the next thing I have to do.  And the biggie is my own main ringtone.  I am hard of hearing and have trouble distinguishing sounds when there is other noise in the background.  This means that my phone can be on the loudest ring setting and be two feet from me and I won’t hear it if the TV is on or if I am at a restaurant or out shopping.  So what I do to get around this is that I have a ringtone I made for myself with the old song Corina Corina (the Ray Peterson version).  That way, when I hear my name, I know I need to answer my phone.  This helps me to not miss calls.  So now I have to find the song, download it, and make my ringtone.

It looks like I will have a slow, yet busy weekend.  But in the end, all will be right once again.

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