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When my kids were growing up, we lived in a small town near Los Angeles and in another town right next to us, one much smaller than ours, they had a Christmas parade each year, during the first weekend of December. Because it was in California, we didn’t often have to worry about wet weather but we did have to bundle up because even there, in the foothills of the Crescenta Valley, it could, and did, get very cold and windy.

For a small town, Montrose had a big parade. It wasn’t fancy. It featured every local school’s marching banc, every gymnastics troop, every scout group, a local motorcycle group performing stunts, and the last few years I attended, even the preschool participated with parents pulling the little ones in wagons and pushing them in strollers.

It was fun. It didn’t matter that there were no big, fancy floats. It just mattered that everyone was there for the same reason, to celebrate all the kids in the parade, young and old.  I remember the excitement as we headed for the parade each year. We had to get there early so we could get front row seats, sitting on the curb with blankets and taking a big thermos of hot chocolate and some snacks. It wasn’t until years after we started attending that the started to sell hot chocolate and cookies and all sorts of stuff. In fact, it makes me wonder what that little parade is like now. I’m sure it’s very different from the days when I marched the parade route with my Cub Scouts and my Girl Scouts. In fact, I had to do it twice. I had the parade organizers place my Cub Scouts and Girls Scouts far enough apart so I could march with one troop then run back to the beginning of the route to march with my other troop! Those were the days when I was young and had a lot more energy. I’m sure I couldn’t do that now!

Of course, the highlight each year was Santa Claus arriving over the parade route on the search and rescue helicopter! The helicopter hovered above the parade route with spotlights shining on Santa as he hung out the door waving to the kids below. It really was kinda neat!

Those memories bring back the good times; the times when all was good and we were happy; the times of innocence and believing in magic and the good in the world.

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If we were having coffee, I’m afraid you would have to listen to me vent. I’ll try to be short.

Today is Easter Sunday. I grew up Catholic so it’s a big deal for me. Or at least it used to be. Now I just try to keep it alive by observing it…by not letting the day go by unnoticed. Usually that means an egg hunt for the boys, a lunch or dinner out, and maybe the park. Well, the boys’ dad was also raised Christian but has decided he doesn’t want anything religious in his life (of course, Christmas is different because it means gifts for him). He has gone along with things for the past six years. Now, he is very reluctant but he hasn’t said anything…he’s just been rude (to me) and has put up a bunch of obstacles. It’s almost 7:30 PM and we haven’t had our egg hunt or baskets yet. Chris is brooding because he wanted dim sum for lunch but the restaurant was crowded, over an hour wait, so we left. But he wanted dim sum and has made the day unbearable for us all because he didn’t get it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would not force a holiday on anyone if they said they preferred to not observe it. That’s fine. But say something! Don’t just go along with everything then change the rules in the middle of the game! That’s confusing for all of us, especially the boys.

There’s more but this is enough. For now.

I’m currently reading and greatly enjoying The Secret Life of Charlotte Dodd (at least I think that’s the name of it) by Holly Kerr. Review to follow this week. That’s about it. No movies or shows. How about you? Have you had the problem/experience of one person in a family not wanting to observe a holiday? How have you dealt with it? Are you reading anything yu can recommend?


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If we were having coffee, it would be very late (it’s 11:40 PM) and we would be (or at least I would) having one of my favorite drinks when I am wound up and need to get to bed: Fireball whiskey, and Kahlua (see I told you it would have coffee) over ice. Yum! I also have coffee infused rum if you prefer!

It has been a long, tough week. Mostly, it’s my fault. I over volunteered myself at Anderson’s school. I worked the book fair a total of sixteen hours over four days and then another two hours in Anderson’s classroom. On top of it, Tina was not well at the end of the week so I needed to help her out with the boys so she could rest and get better. Then there is the fact that my knee is not doing well. I’m using a cane more often than not as my left knee is not only painful but weak. It is getting better but I have to baby it so I don’t make it worse! I was absolutely exhausted, falling asleep about five minutes after walking in the door each evening. Whew!

Sunday I will be taking Anderson and a friend to see the new Kung Fu Panda movie and to have lunch at Olive Garden, Anderson’s favorite restaurant. It’s all for his birthday, which is actually on Monday. He’s turning six! On Monday we’re all going out of town for his birthday, to a resort with water slides and all sorts of fun stuff for the kids. Of course it’s cold and wet out but I’m told it is all enclosed and heated. Tina got a Living Social deal so it is costing her less than one night’s normal rate for a two night stay for all of us, along with breakfast and unlimited use of the water park activities. I’m hoping I’ll get to relax a bit. I don’t swim so I won’t be doing any of the water activities but I’ll probably just go in to watch them and maybe stick my feet in the wading pool.

And this week I will have my first Jamberry party online (Facebook). I’m excited and it should be fun but it will also require a bit of work to set up the activities and graphics that I want to use. I know where to go to get everything. It will just take some time. That’s the beauty of doing this online…I can do it from home in my pjs or out at that resort, poolside! I just need an internet connection and my laptop.

Then comes the final planning and prepping for the shower I’m hosting for my daughter-in-law. The shower is on the 19th so we’ll just have about a week to get it all done when we get back from Anderson’s party. Hopefully, the rest of March will go a little less busy. Oh! I forgot to tell you that my youngest daughter will be moving up here next weekend so she’ll be about a twenty minute drive from me. I’m excited about that! It has been a while since she lived near me. She’s my baby so it will be good to have her here!

What is everyone up to? What’s your favorite late night beverage? Have you been to the movies? Any good books you can recommend? Tell, tell!


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