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I will have to write a longer post regarding all the photo enthusiasts in my family and how they came to be but for a very quick post, as I am packing for tomorrow’s trip, I thought I would share this short one with you.

Yesterday, I gave Anderson (5 years old) my Canon point and shoot that has been sitting for over two years with no use as now I use either my phone or my DSLR.  I took him for a walk and showed him how to turn it on and the shutter button and let him take pictures as he wanted to.  He was soooo excited!  He ran from one plant to the next and one flower to the next taking pictures.  He snapped a picture of every car that went by us.  He took pictures of his feet and mine.  He had a ball!  Next he will learn the video part of the camera and I predict he will really have fun with that.

Anderson taking a close up of some tiny flowers.

Anderson taking a close up of some tiny flowers.

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