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For weeks I have been asking my girls to go to the beach with me so I can take some sunset pictures. I have some nice sunset pictures but I haven’t gone out in over a year and it isn’t far. It’s about a 25 minute drive. I also recently inherited my daughter’s Canon digital SLR and I wanted to get some practice with it. Hence the desire for sunset pictures. I can go myself but my eyesight is worst in the twilight hours which means I would have to stay out at the beach until it got completely dark before I could drive home. Each time I ask, they are doing something and cannot go with me, or it has been overcast when they can go.

Until yesterday. It must have been my Irish luck on St. Pat’s Day! My older daughter and I went to lunch then to pick up some wine she ordered at Francis Ford Coppola‘s Rosso & Bianco Winery. When we left there, my daughter got adventurous and took us on a discovery journey of some back roads. We ended up driving to the coast. It took us almost 2 hours to make the 35 mile drive through the winding mountainous road which narrowed to one lane in many places. When we made it to the coast, we were way north of any part of the coast we normally go to. We were north of Fort Ross, just south of Sea Ranch. We stopped at Sea Ranch for a bite to eat and a relaxing look at the ocean before starting on our drive home which would take us about two hours.

On the drive home, the timing of the sunset toyed with us. I was sure I would get a chance at a picture for about ten minutes then I was sure I would miss it because there was a layer of fog coming in. My daughter developed a headache and drove through with no sign of stopping. I watched the time and realized I was going to miss it because it was slightly behind us and I didn’t think my daughter would pull over. In fact, there were few places where we could safely pull over without causing a disturbance to the many cars behind us. I kept watching glimpses of the sunset in the side view mirror. I didn’t want to ask her to stop because I knew she had a headache.

Then she suddenly veered off the lane of traffic onto a small area next to a steep drop to the ocean, a couple of hundred feet below us. I didn’t even get mad. I just jumped out with camera in hand! I began shooting pictures. I was spellbound by the gorgeous sunset! I ended up taking 38 pictures of the sunset, each one in wonderful focus! I was amazed because I had been having a lot of trouble with the focus. In fact, at least one third of the 200 pictures I took this afternoon were out of focus! But my sunset pictures were not!


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