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I spent most of the week in bed after my booster late Monday morning. I often wondered how bad side effects of the vaccine could be. We’re people exaggerating? We’re there just light weights? I’ve never had much of a reaction to any vaccine. When I had my flu shot a couple of weeks ago, I did have a headache and my arm hurt. With this booster, I was quite surprised. It left me with horrible headaches, fever, slight congestion, and I slept almost the entirety of Monday afternoon until Friday afternoon.

That was my week. But, if it helps to keep me from getting the virus, as well as everyone around me, it’s worth it.

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I couldn’t find anyone with a COVID booster within 25 miles of me so my daughter made an appointment for me at a Walgreens near her in Vancouver, Washington. The appointment was today. They only had Moderna. I had waited this long for Johnson and Johnson to be approved and now I couldn’t find it. So I accepted the Moderna.

Well, within an hour my arm felt like it was about to fall off and within a couple of hours I had a fever. I made it home and slept from about 2 until after 8. I woke up long enough to take something for the fever and headache that are bothering me now and to hydrate and write a blog post. I’m trying to get back to regular blogging so I didn’t want to miss a day, if possible.

With luck, I’ll be in the mend tomorrow and will be able to write a real post!

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