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When I was growing up, my parents used to tell us that whatever we were doing when the year began, we would be doing that when it ended.  It was kind of like saying that the way you begin the year is how you will live the year.

Last year, I was alone on New Year’s Eve, which I have gotten used to.  I decided that I would curl up in bed with a good book and then turn on the TV just before midnight for the countdown to the new year and I had a glass of champagne waiting to be consumed at midnight.  So last year, I began the year by reading.  That’s what I did on New Year’s Eve and on New Year’s Day.  In fact, by the middle of March, I had read over twenty novels!  I was quite pleased because I’ve always enjoyed reading but I hadn’t been able to do much of it in 2008 as I spent much of the year traveling from the SF Bay Area to Portland, Oregon in search of a new home then when I found it, I spent a lot of time packing and bringing stuff up here to Portland.  In fact, in 2008, I made twelve driving trips between the two areas.  Each drive takes an average of 11 hours, one way.  So with all of that moving and packing and driving, I didn’t have much time to read.

I was very pleased with all the reading I had done and had a stack of books from the local used book store that I was eager to pick up.  Then at the end of March, tragedy struck and I spent the next four months with family and again driving back and forth between Portland and the SF Bay Area.  Psychologically, I was not in a good place for much of this time.  Finally, in late August, I picked up a novel, once again.  I was able to read three novels between late August and the end of September then I was off to Australia for a two week vacation with my son (which he had included me on as a mother’s day gift).

Whew!  No time for reading since we got back at the end of October!  Then I lost one of my contacts and have been operating with only one.  When I have to read or write (or type) I close one eye and read with the one that has the contact in it.  Not fun.  Not fast.  Not efficient. (So those typos you may find here are not the norm for my blog writing, it’s the lack of contact!)

Then Bibliomom wrote about this weekend’s Read. Read. READ-A-THON!  I went to the blog site and decided I would do it!  I didn’t go out and get any books although I was tempted to when my daughter and I were at Costco on Friday.  I decided I had a ton of books to read here and I pulled out a box that has been behind the couch in the living room since last May.  A friend of mine sent me a box full of novels that she knew would cheer me when I was really down during those months and although I had picked one of them up, the rest of them remained untouched.  So on Saturday morning, I slept in because I hadn’t been able to sleep on Friday night.  Then I dilly dallied for a couple of hours, finally settling in to read around 1:30 in the afternoon, expecting to read for five or six hours.  I ended up reading until 4:30 Sunday morning!  That’s fifteen hours of reading (well probably twelve hours if you take out all the breaks and a forty-five minute nap).

Now I am psyched!  I am starting a new novel today and I hope to be able to read at least three more before I have to leave to the bay area for Christmas.  Then I hope to end the year reading and begin 2010 reading once again.  Surely it will be a much better year than this one!

Here’s to reading!  To new blog friends, and to discovering new titles and authors, too!

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