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I’ve been at a loss for blogging topics lately.  Actually, I have so much to write about that I can’t quite narrow down what I want to write about so I end up not writing anything.

One thing I do have is a lot of email.  A lot.  Like almost 2000 on any given day.  When I was going through it the other day, I noticed that I was in the 1900’s and the numbers reminded me of years.  Since then I’ve been toying with the idea of blog posts inspired by the years suggested by the number of emails I have in my inbox.  Boy!  That’s quite a mouthful!

This is the first of such posts.


That seems like such a long time ago.  I guess it was.  Let’s see, in 1997 I was still living in Los Angeles and I was working as a substitute teacher most of the year.  In September, I began working as a full time teacher in a sixth grade classroom.

I remember one Saturday evening in August when my daughter and I went grocery shopping.  I took the youngest one with me and the two older ones stayed home.  It was a big shopping trip and must have taken almost a couple of hours.  I remember driving in the driveway with a smile on my face because I had gotten everything on my list along with some extra goodies because the kids and I were having a movie night so I had picked up some chips, and theater boxes of candy and some sodas, all in individual packages, just like at the movies.

As I drove into the driveway, Tina ran out of the house and by the time I shut the engine off, she was at my door waiting for me to get out.  I could tell something was wrong.  With tears in her eyes, she said, “Princess Diana was in a car crash and she’s in the hospital.  She’s going to die.”  Our eyes locked.  Just two days before she had told me that she had a feeling someone very famous was going to die.  I had asked her if it was the Pope (John Paul II) who had been very ill during that time and she had answered that it was someone young and that it was going to be a shock to the whole world.  She often came up with things like this or would wake from dreams to tell me that some tragedy was going to happen and it would.  In 1997, she was 12.

We went inside and, within minutes, the news was saying that Princess Diana was indeed dead.  I wanted to watch the coverage but I was afraid to because of Tina’s reaction but the kids all wanted to watch, including Tina.  So we watched.  During the whole thing and in the following days, I kept an eye on her and could tell that she had really been spooked by her “prediction” this time around.  I tried to tell her that she shouldn’t be scared; that it was a gift.  But she wasn’t completely convinced.

Then, a few days later, she again said, with great sadness, that someone else was going to die.  This time she said it would be someone old who had been sick.  People would be sad but it wouldn’t be a great surprise to people, she told me.  And she was right.  Mother Teresa died on September 5th.

Note: Wow.  I didn’t know I would end up writing this.  This was a total surprise.  I just started with the year and this is what happened.  I think this will be an interesting way to come up with posts!

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