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Did you venture out for Black Friday shopping? If you did, how did you make out?

I used to go out and get in line early, many years ago but I stopped. I think the last time I did it was two years ago but that was such a negative experience that I vowed never to do it again.

First, in my house, there is never any money left at the end of the month so Black Friday is not usually a time when I have extra money to spend, even on bargains. I don’t use credit cards. I pay cash for everything so if I don’t have cash, then I can’t buy. If I do have cash, then something has to be a really, really good deal to lure me in to joining a throng of rude and pushy people.

When I first started going out on Black Friday (which I admit I always forget what Black Friday refers to until about three days before Thanksgiving each year when ads start popping up), it was with my older daughter. We would go to Target early in the morning and wait in the car until we saw people lining up then we’d get in line. The store staff always brought out hot coffee and donuts for us as we waited in line. Those were the days when the stores would give away “goodie bags” with coupons and samples and limited edition items. The store would open and we’d go in, get what we went in for, pay and leave. We’d get home and go back to bed.

Then it changed. Everyone got in on the Black Friday mentality. More and more stores began to open earlier and earlier and they began to compete with each other to lure the customers to their stores. As I see it, the stores got more and more greedy and caused customers to get caught up in the day’s frenzy. Stores stopped giving away treat bags. Gone was the hot coffee as we waited in line. Gone was the friendly staff. It got to be that you had to get in line before midnight if you were going to get any of the limited number of super discounted items. I went along with my daughter, because she didn’t drive and she wanted to go. She always loves being in the hustle and bustle.

Three years ago, we went to Best Buy. Their Black Friday event was very well organized. They had employees come into the line and give out tickets for the items that were limited in supply. So if you didn’t get one of the tickets, you weren’t going to get the item. You knew it a couple of hours before the doors opened. You could leave if you wanted to. Store staff was friendly and very helpful. When the doors opened, they let in only a limited number of customers so no one would get trampled. It was very orderly. It was one of the better Black Friday experiences that I’ve had.

Two years ago, I went to CompUSA. They had advertised an incredibly low priced external hard drive that my son really needed. It was normally over $300 and they had it advertised for $79. They were supposed to give out tickets for the items. They never did. When the doors opened, they didn’t even try to keep people from running and pushing. I got in and headed for the external hard drives. I’m very short. I’m only five feet tall. I couldn’t see past all the computer geek types. Finally, I saw an external hard drive on the bottom shelf. I reached down for it and as I came up with the item in my hand, one of the computer geek guys grabbed it out of my hand and pushed me on the floor. Then the other computer geek type guys started grabbing to take it from him and I literally got trampled and stepped on. No one helped me up. I was absolutely livid. I found my daughter and we paid for the stuff we were getting and I put in a complaint to the manager. He didn’t even try to sound apologetic. I did end up getting an external hard drive for my son. I actually found one at the register that someone had decided not to get. It had more memory and was ten dollars cheaper than the one I was looking for so it turned out okay.

My legs and my chest were bruised for days. I was sore all over. And I was angry. I don’t like being angry, especially during the holiday season.

I swore I’d never go back to another one of those sales again. It is not worth being trampled. It’s not worth the indignity of it all.

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