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Last night and tonight have been spent scouring the internet for ideas and patterns, especially free downloadable ones, for Lego theme party decorations, crafts, favors, etc. Yup, it’s that time of year. It is about five weeks until Anderson turns 5! He has requested a Lego party which makes sense because that’s all he ever wants to play with these days.

I’m thinking of making individual rubber stamps of a Lego type figure or block that we can include in the goodie bags for kids. I’ve made hand carved rubber stamps before but it has been a while and I’m not sure if I still have my cutting tools. I’m hoping I can find them this weekend and settle on some easy graphics and buy my erasers and get started because I think I will need some place between ten and twenty! Then I can use a set to make some stickers for the goodie bags, too.

My daughter is making Lego brick shaped crayons and will get started on them as soon as the mold arrives. I think she’s making the cake or cupcakes this year, instead of me. I’m the one that usually makes and decorates them. But it’s her turn and she wants to do it so I’m good with that.

We have a couple of games for them to play and a craft, all with Legos! These kids will have fun and it will be a blast to watch them.

I’m glad Spencer is not old enough to know about requesting a birthday theme because their birthdays are only four weeks apart but within the next couple of years, that will change and we’ll have to do two themed parties in a four week period! Whew! At least they are both boys so there’s a chance the little one will be into some of the same things his big brother has been into so we can do a repeat!

This was the cake I made for Anderson's first birthday.

This was the cake I made for Anderson’s first birthday.

This is the cake for his fourth birthday.

This is the cake for his third birthday.

This was for birthday number 2.

This was for birthday number 2.

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Today is Susie’s 22nd birthday.  Susie is my number three child and my number two daughter.  She’s also my number one special, one of a kind, golden child.

Susie was born after a series of miscarriages.  Susie was born after my OB-GYN said I would not ever be able to get pregnant again.  Susie was born after a number of complications.  Susie was born after I had to take progesterone to prevent another miscarriage (and progesterone is the hormone that makes you have morning sickness so having to add it to my body caused a lot…A. L.O.T.  of morning sickness).  Susie was born after I developed gestational diabetes.  Susie was born after she presented in a transverse breech position.  Susie was born after presenting with a placenta prevea.  Susie was born two weeks early after a scheduled Caesarean Section. 

Susie was born in spite of many complications.  Susie was born for me.  Susie was born my golden child. 

Susie is my princess.  Susie is my baby.  Susie is the sweetness in life.  Susie is my “face reality” child.  Susie is my golden child.  

I cannot tell you what Susie is like for she is indescribable.  Susie must be experienced to be appreciated. 

I can go on and on about Susie.  I won’t.

Suffice to say that I love my Susie, my flower, my sunshine, my golden child.

Happy birthday Susie.

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