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This past year has been enlightening in terms of all things related to babies.  With my daughter’s pregnancy and the birth of the baby, I’ve gotten to see how so much has changed since I was pregnant and had my children.  It seems everything has changed.  No dairy til the age of one; the pediatrician put my kids on milk by the time they were six months old.  No meat until one; I think it was about the age of eight months when my kids were little.  The list goes on and on.

Today though, while looking online for ideas for a Christmas gift for the baby, who is now nine months old, I came across something I didn’t really expect.  There are so many electronic, computerized, super-duper toys on the market.  This I knew.  My daughter has already purchased a number of electronic activity toys for Anderson.  But what I noticed was that a lot of the toys my kids played with and enjoyed endlessly when they were the same age are still around!  They are simple, non-electronic, non-computerized, and not high tech at all.  They are baby driven exploratory toys!  And I also noticed that some of the toys available today are the same that were available when I was growing up.  One in particular is the Fisher Price Chatter Phone.  I didn’t have one but my youngest sister did.  I think it was in the very early 60’s.  It’s still around and as popular as it ever was.  Sure, there are digital toy phones and electronic toy cell phones available today but one of the top sellers continues to be the Chatter Phone.  Another is the Playskool Busy Poppin’ Pals, which my kids loved to play with.  It has basic knobs and buttons and switches to push, pull and press, each causing a different Poppin Pal to pop up.

It was reassuring to see that a lot of the same things kids have thrived on for generations are still around today.

Not sure what Anderson will get for Christmas but I know he’ll love all the hugs and kisses his grandma will shower him with.  You can’t get any more basic or genuine than that!

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