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This week I got a super smile! It came yesterday when I spoke to my son. Some of you may remember that a week and a half ago, my daughter-in-law was hospitalized because she was showing signs of going into labor and she was only 27 weeks pregnant. She was sent home to bed rest after they stabilized her. Well, her appointment on Monday was great. The doctor has okayed her to go back to work. The only restriction she has right now is no out of town travel and no super long work days (she was having to work 10 and 12 hour days which is too long for a pregnant mommy).

So now the baby shower is back on (in less than three weeks!) and all the planning for a healthy baby in May is back on! I will be a very happy Nana when I can hold that little boy in my arms!

What made you smile this past week? Are you smiling about something coming up? Check out Trent’s Weekly Smile and come share a smile with us!

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This is my favorite Christmas story. It’s about the night that I was born. I have posted this elsewhere over the years. I’m hoping this will inspire me to write a new Christmas story in the next week so I can publish it for your enjoyment.

DECEMBER 25, 1955

MarĂ­a lay in bed exhausted, yet unable to sleep. She’d had an endless day and had just finished putting out the gifts for her four children. Tomorrow would be filled with joy and much activity. The kids were sure to waken by seven, anxious to open their gifts and play with their new toys. There would be lots of cooking to do, too. (more…)

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