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A Lot Of Croc–Australia

I haven’t written much about the food we had while in Australia but I have to spend a few words here to accompany some pictures.

We really wanted to have crocodile and kangaroo before leaving.  We hadn’t seen it in Melbourne or in Port Campbell so when we were in Cairns, we made it a point to really look for it.  We found a couple of restaurants that had it on the menu but it is really, really expensive (about $50 for each of us) so we kept looking.  One evening as we walked by one of the restaurants that we knew served it, I noticed that the evening’s specials included A Taste Of Australia and a crocodile dish.  It was a lot less expensive than the non special price.  We probably didn’t get as large a portion as we might have if we had gotten it from their regular menu, but both came with rice and my crocodile plate came with veggies, too.  The special included wine, a real bonus!  Tony had the Taste of Australia which included a skewer of kangaroo (the dark meet in the center), one of emu (hiding under the kangaroo), and a nice size fillet of barramundi (a fish native to the area).  I had a plate with just the crocodile.  Neither of us was disappointed!  Everythign was absolutely declicious.  The crocodile (my plate) was prepared with some kind of mint and was quite tender.  The kangaroo on Tony’s plate was fixed with teriyaki sauce.  The emu was barbecued and the barramundi was absolutely delicious and kind of melted in the mouth.

My plate of crocodile for dinner.

Taste of Australia

The next day we went to Kuranda (rainforest) and found a German sausage house that served emu sausage and crocodile sausage so we got to feast again!  Tony ordered the emu. I had the crocodile, shown below.  I thought their menu was interesting (see the “warning” on it below) so I’ve included some pictures of the menu.

Crocodile sausage

Menu from German Tucker Sausage House

Portion of menu from German Tucker Sausage House

Warning on men from German Tucker


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