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Join me during the month of April as I blog through the alphabet. My theme will be What’s In A Name. I will attempt to write up a short fictional character sketch beginning with a different letter of the alphabet each day. Remember that a place can also be a character.

Union Station

The kids were so excited! They were going on a train ride! There were two children with their mother and father. The couple was young and the children were about two and four, a boy and a girl. The mother was almost as excited as the kids were. The kids were excited about the trains but the mother was looking all around, taking in the art deco building that had been featured in so many movies and TV shows. She was just as excited as the children.

“I wish I had a camera. I wish we had planned this instead of just deciding at the last minute. I would have brought the camera. I am not even sure we have enough diapers or extra clothes.” She wasn’t upset. At least she didn’t appear to be.

“Spur of the moment. You used to like to do things like this on a whim. Now you don’t. You’re not much fun anymore.”

It was clear that the words had stung her. She looked at him, mouth agape. Is that what he thought? She wasn’t fun anymore? She tried to be. Even with all the time the kids took and even though she was tired, she always made an effort to be cheery when he came home from work and she always offered to do stuff with him. She told him they could get a babysitter and go out but he always declined. Instead, he would go to work functions alone. It had made her wonder what people at his firm thought about her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that this wasn’t fun. I just wish we had the camera. If we run out of diapers we’ll find a place to get some, I guess. It’s not too long of a train drive anyway. A few hours and we’ll be back.”

“If that’s what you want.”

They both turned their attention to the children. Her eyes were brimming with tears as she turned away from him.




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