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Yesterday, after I collected Anderson from kindergarten, we went to buy soup at the Dollar Tree (only a dollar a can for name brand soups and I’m eating lots of soup because of my cold) and then came home. He asked to go to Nana’s house so I brought him home. When he got out of the car, the first thing he noticed was that my garden flag saying Happy Halloween was gone. He asked me why I took it down (he gets to take the flag down and pick the next one as I have several possibilities for each season). I told him I did not take it down. It was stolen. He asked who took it and I said I didn’t know. Someone had stolen it. We’ve been talking about stealing because we saw a shoplifter being arrested at Target the other day and he wanted to know why the police were taking the man away. He doesn’t understand stealing because he wouldn’t think of taking something that doesn’t belong to him.

“We should call the Police and tell them to go get the bad guys that stole it, Nana.”

I explained, or tried to, that we couldn’t call the Police for something little like a stolen flag because Police have a lot of things to do and a lot of really bad people to go after. ┬áHe said the Police are supposed to get the “stealers” so we should call them. I kept trying to explain but his five year old mind couldn’t wrap itself around the idea that nothing was going to be done about a stolen garden flag.


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