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This is the kind of day we had for the first day of the new year. It was crisp but the sky was a clear blue. What you might call a picture postcard type of day.

Mission at Sonoma

This is Mission San Francisco de Solano, located in Sonoma, California. This is the furthest north of all the 21 missions. It was built to extend and defend Mexican interests from Russians and others who were coming from the north.

Funny thing, when I was looking for information, there were a number of photographs and I must say, mine looks so much better than any of them!


Sonoma City Hall through the trees

This is Sonoma City Hall. It stands in the middle of the Plaza. Apparently, the four walls are identical so as not to insult of favor any of the merchants across any of the four sides of the Plaza. It is still used today. And yes, the sky looked just like this!


Valley of the Moon mural

And I’ll end with this mural which is in one of the many shopping centers off of the outer Plaza in Sonoma. I want to bring this mural home with me!

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When I was growing up, my mother used to tell us that whatever we began the year with, we’d end the year with. If we began it with friends and good times, so it would end. If we began it alone and in tears, so it would also end. The real warning in her saying this to us is that we should be careful what we were doing on January first because that was what we’d do for the whole year. Not literally, of course, but more figuratively. If we began a year bathed in friendship and happiness, so the course of our year would follow. The opposite was also true. (more…)

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