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I think the only thing that I had planned for the weekend that was actually accomplished was to finish reading my book. However, that isn’t so bad.

Late Saturday, my middle daughter Tina, came over and we watched movies til late so we could stay up all night to go to the hot air balloon festival at 4 AM. Around 2:30, she got a call from her room mate saying she had decided not to go with us because she had stayed out too late and wouldn’t be able to get up in time. So we re-evaluated the plan and decided not to go at all. Then Tina got the idea to drive to Lake Tahoe, if it was doable in a day and spend the night. I said it was so the plan was mapped out. She went to her apartment to sleep a few hours and get her things together to go to Lake Tahoe, a drive I thought would be about 6 hours.

At noon the next day (well a few hours later, actually), once I had tried to sleep with no success, I went to pick her up to get going on our drive. She drove. She loves to drive my car so she drove all the way, although we did make a stop in Placerville. We walked around and had some lunch before continuing on the road to Tahoe. All told, it took us about five hours of driving time to get there. We found a place to stay and rested for a couple of hours before walking around town.

For dinner, we decided on the Hard Rock Cafe. Tina loves the HRC and has eaten about 20 or so worldwide locations. We had a great dinner. The food was great, the waiter was not only attentive but also cute! Then we headed out for a bit of gambling…slot machines. She was, as usual, broke. I gave her $60 to gamble. She managed to make it last all night. When we got back to the hotel room, she still had over $40. She got hungry so we ordered room service. I really wanted to go get something a little cheaper. In fact, I had my eye on a hot dog and draft beer combo for only $2.50. I only eat meat once a week and the hot dogs really smelled great, however Tina’s twisted ankle (from a week earlier) was swollen and purple and very painful so I let her order a pizza from room service that we’d share.

The next day, we drove from Lake Tahoe to Carson City and visited the museum which also houses the now non-operational mint. We drove around town a little bit, looking at some of the Victorian style homes then headed for Reno as Tina has wanted to take a picture of the Reno–Biggest Little City In the World sign. After getting lost in town, we found downtown, parked, and took lots of pictures of the sign. We headed for a restaurant inside one of the hotel casinos (the Fitzgerald) for some much needed lunch. Afterwards, we did a little gambling and walking around town and finally headed out around 8 PM, headed for home.

Reno Sign

From the freeway (80) we spotted a large fire so we got off to take a look. We ended up taking lots of fire pictures and watching as the helicopters dropped water over the flames and then as the flames kicked up and grew with the high winds. Finally we got back on the road and drove to Roseville where I was absolutely too starved and weak to go on. We found an In n Out and I had my fourth burger of the trip, although it was my first actual meat burger. Once we had eaten, we headed for home. I had been driving all day. When we got an hour away from home, I couldn’t drive any more as I was absolutely exhausted and my vision was even more blurry than it usually is. I found a 24 hour Jack In the Box, got coffee, and let Tina drive the rest of the way home. I even had her drop me off at home and take my car to her apartment as I was too tired to even think of having to drive myself home after driving her home.

It was a pretty neat trip. Just enough. We got some bonding time which is hard to do with her little sister around. We plan on going back to Tahoe. In fact, we’re thinking it would be great to rent a cabin and go there for Thanksgiving with the other two and any friends that want to tag along. I think it will be fun. Let’s see if it happens.

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