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If we were having coffee, it would be very early. It’s not quite 5 am here on the west coast. I’ve been up all night. I can’t seem to shut down. There are too many things on my mind. There is a sense of hopelessness inside of me right now. It has been a tough week.

If we were having coffee, we might be streaming one of my favorite movies. In an effort to just detach from the negativity in the world, I’ve tried to stay off of social media as much as I can since early Friday afternoon. It has helped. I’ve streamed some of my favorite movies, the ones I go to when I want to feel good. I’ve streamed Under the Tuscan Sun, Erin Brokovich, Dirty Dancing, Shall We Dance, and I finished the last half of The West Wing Season 7. I can’t quite concentrate on reading right now. Or writing. My mind is filled with things that shouldn’t be in there.

Yesterday I wrote about a peaceful protest here that turned violent and ugly when an anarchist group took over the peaceful march. There was a lot of damage done. It saddened me greatly. However, within hours, there was a group that was out there cleaning up the damage; broken glass, over turned trash cans, graffiti. It was all cleaned up by volunteers that didn’t point fingers or blame anyone. They just went and took care of the problem. They also set up a Go Fund Me account to raise money to help the businesses that were damaged by the protesters. The account raised over $37,000 in about 16 hours. I haven’t checked to see how much more has been raised. This is a good thing. It helps a lot to know that just as there are people that are willing to destroy things and disrespect the property of others and that of the public, there are also good people that are willing to go out there and take it upon themselves to try to make things right again. That made my heart hopeful and it made me proud to live here.

Friday would have been the 58th birthday of a friend that died earlier this year. That was another thing that made my heart heavy this week. I read through old emails between the two of us and some comments on Facebook between the two of us. I read what others posted about her, too.

Then there is the fact that my seasonal depression was setting in before the election so there was already that component before the world went crazy. So it’s good for me to detach a bit. It’s good to try to take care of myself before it gets bad. Last year I bought one of those light therapy lamps but it arrived too late for me to use it because I didn’t need it anymore. This year I will use it starting now.

If we were having coffee, I would want to hear about your week. I would hope that you would have something good to share with me; something happy; something positive. I would want to turn it over to you because I’m plum out of things to share. So tell me about you; about what you are up to.

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On Wednesday we did one good thing. We got out of the house and went for a hike with the boys. This has become one of my favorite places as it looks out on Mt. Hood which is one of those places that makes me feel at peace and puts things into perspective. I never get tired of looking at its grandness.

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If we were having coffee today, we would definitely be indoors. It is cold and wet outside.  I guess you might call it a typical November day in the Pacific Northwest. A bit of a brrrr day but not too much yet.

It seems that my weeks get busier and busier. This week it was once again busy with the daughters. I’ve been going over to my youngest daughter’s house twice a day to feed her cats. She’s on a business trip. It’s not far, her house that is, but with traffic, a round trip is about 50 minutes plus I have to spend some time there waiting for the kitties to eat. I can’t leave food out when I leave so I really need to sit and make sure they all eat and put away any food they didn’t eat. So that trip ends up being a minimum of and hour and a half.

Then there was yesterday. Last week I told you she was borrowing my car because hers went out and it is not cost effective to put in the money for a new transmission. So she had several possibilities this week. One in Seattle, 3.5 hours away. Another was in Los Angeles which would have been tough because she can’t take time off from work to get over there and back with the  car. It’s a two day trip in each direction. That was the one her dad and step mom wanted her to get (they are paying for it) but in the end it fell through because the woman who owned it was elderly and died without signing the title over to her son and her son found out that he can’t sell it until it all goes through probate and is officially his car so no deal. The latest deal is across the river from Oregon, in Washington. It’s across the river from Hood River. My older daughter, the boys, and I went out there yesterday to see the car and leave a deposit. Now we wait for the cashier’s check to arrive by Fed Ex so we can go pay the remainder and get the car back to Portland.

The trip, while long (about 170 miles round trip which took us forever with the boys) was actually quite nice. Yesterday was a beautiful day, dry, sunny, a tiny bit of briskness in the air but nice. We stopped at an apple orchard to pick apples. It is their last weekend of apple picking for the season so all varieties were 59 cents a pound. We picked and bought 47 pounds of apples for about $27. We’ll be eating apples for a couple of months!

Here are some pictures from the trip yesterday:

So what is new in your neck of the woods? Weather? Travel? Local color? Please tell.

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If we were having coffee, I would probably want caffeine, even though it’s almost 6 pm. That’s because I’m in Seattle visiting with the grand baby! My son and daughters in-law are going to a movie and dinner so I’m watching Mati tonight and I don’t want to be too sleepy. I need to be alert.

This is the highlight if the week for me. I’ve missed seeing him grow. It gas been a little over three months since I’ve seen him. He’s four months old.

Not too much to say. I will be posting about The Princess Bride tomorrow. I also hope to get in a Weekly Smile post in Monday. Oh, and remember last week I told you about doing tarot readings? It has been quite popular and I am definitely getting in my practice!

Tell me what you’re up to!

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If we were having coffee, we would definitely be inside. It has been very wet for the last couple of days. Not cold. Just very wet. We could sit at the table in the dining room and enjoy a chat while we watch the rain. And listen to it. I love the sound of the rain.

I would also tell you about Anderson. You may have read in my Tough Days post a few days ago, about him knocking his teeth out at the park and the aftermath. On Thursday he was very ill. That’s what happens when you don’t eat or drink anything for several days! Finally, on Friday, we reminded him about how his mom had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago because she couldn’t hold anything down and got sick. They had to hook her up to an IV to re-hydrate her. That convinced him to try to eat. He ate a mashed up banana and had a cup of apple juice. Later in the day, he wanted McDonald’s chicken nuggets so we took him but we had to cut everything up into tiny pieces…tiny fries…tiny chicken nuggets. He’s afraid to bite but he’ll chew. So he’s much better now but not quite back to himself just yet.

Spencer started preschool on Tuesday. It was the first day and only half the class went that day with the other half going on Wednesday. The whole class was supposed to be there on Thursday but we couldn’t take him because there was a downed power line across the entrance to the mobile home park so they were not letting anyone in or out of the driveway. So he missed school. The preschool is a Monday through Thursday program so his second day will be tomorrow. He liked it so I don’t think we’ll have a problem getting him to go.

I got this neat idea yesterday! I got on Facebook and offered my friends a free Tarot reading so I can get some practice. I’ve read the Tarot for over thirty years but am out of practice so I figured I would offer free readings for the next couple of weeks so I can practice. Then after that, I can start charging for them. That should help with a little bit of money coming in. I’m excited about it. I love the Tarot so this will be fun and, hopefully, a bit profitable. I have kept up with the rent but I haven’t had grocery money since July so I have been relying on what my daughter sends my way…mostly fruits and vegetables.  It would be nice to be able to afford a few groceries…like maybe something with protein in it. If any of you want a free reading and you’re one of my regular readers, let me know in the comments or sidebar comment box. I’m doing them for free for just a couple of weeks before I start charging.

I watched The Princess Bride the other night because I want to participate in the linkup next weekend. I will watch it again at least once more before I write a blog post about it.  I am also binge watching Gilmore Girls because I want to get through all seven seasons before the revival movies come on Netflix on November 25th. I’m on season 3 right now. While watching the shows, I keep getting flooded with memories of my own about some of the events on the show. I think I am going to start writing them up for blog posts or maybe a collection of memoir pieces inspired by watching the show. We’ll see if anything comes of it.

My biggest disappointment this weekend is that I had to postpone my trip to see my grandson in Seattle. I have something going on with my stomach and Anderson was vomiting and Tina wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t want to take the chance that I might be contagious and expose the baby or my son and daughter in law to any kind of bug I might have so I didn’t go. I’m waiting to hear from my son about rescheduling a visit. Crossing my fingers it is soon!

So what about YOU?  Reading? Watching? Writing? Weather?  Please do tell!


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A little bit of brightness we found on our walk the other day, in the middle of an industrial park!


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If we were having coffee, we would be indoors. The weather is changing here. This is the third day of rain and it’s pretty cool out. I think it’s about 55 degrees. Not cold yet but I see that coming sooner than later.  I’ve also got a cough and a bit of a fever so I am guzzling liquids…tea instead of coffee. It’s kind of a “bundle up” day. So keep your distance but let’s talk!

Some of you have probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much as I usually do. This summer has been tough. I’ve been feeling like my life is spiraling out of control. I’ve been with my daughter and the boys constantly. She is pregnant and has been having a really tough time with morning sickness. We’ve spent several days at doctors appointments with her and one day in the emergency room so they could re-hydrate her with an IV treatment. She is getting a little better as time goes but is still not doing great. So I’ve been spending all my days there, not coming home until after 7. I’m pretty much exhausted by the time I get home and I end up falling asleep sitting up on the couch within ten or fifteen minutes of walking in the door. So yeah, I’m glad school is starting next week. That means a schedule to stick to.

I’ll be homeschooling the six year old again this year. It’s a different program which will let us schedule as we want. Last year’s program had us doing certain lessons each day and if we didn’t complete them, they would show up as LATE, which put pressure on us to get through them quickly. And we couldn’t move on to another lesson until all the previous lessons were completed which wasn’t always possible due to computer/website issues. So this year is not an online program. We have books and it is up to me to set up the schedule and the plan and the goals. We picked the curriculum so they are fitting to Anderson’s level. He’s super bright in Math so he is starting first grade doing second grade math, which is a lot of review for him but I think we can move through all of the first month or two of the books in a short time and then supplement with some math related content. I’m looking forward to this year of homeschooling with him.  Then Spencer will be in pre-school this year so that will be interesting and I think it will help him with language. He’s doing well since starting speech therapy but still needs to catch up. I’m optimistic that he will.

Hopefully back to school means I will get to resume a more normal blogging schedule. I feel as if I have lost touch with friends by not having time to read my friends’ blogs. I miss it. Of course, I will miss being able to take the boys to the park whenever we want to go but even that can be scheduled.

As some of you will remember, I mentioned a while back that my income would be stopping because my income was all spousal support which would stop when my ex reached 65. Well, that happened last May so I have had no income since then and am using up all of my savings. As of today, I only have enough money saved to pay rent through December so I am panicking. I need to find another source of income. I’ve taken a couple of copy editing classes and I’m comfortable that I can do that, if I can find some clients. I don’t yet know what else I can do. It needs to be something I can do from home. It makes me feel a bit distracted as I try to keep going while I try to come up with a source of income. Of course, if I am not able to come up with a way, I will have to sell my mobile home and that could take some time…time that I will have to keep paying the monthly rent. So things are closing in on me. Wish me luck!

In any case, what are you up to? Has the weather changed where you are? Are you effected by the academic year beginning? How so? Any last summer plans? Tell me!


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If we were having coffee, you would find me frustrated and complaining because I want to watch the Olympics and I can’t. I don’t have a TV provider. I use one of those military grade digital antennas that is supposed to grab the signal and bring it to your TV. It does fine with some stations but I cannot get NBC so I can’t watch. And all of the streaming options I have found require you to sign in with your TV provider info, which I don’t have.

I remember growing up and watching every time the Olympics rolled around. I loved the Opening Ceremonies with all of their background information on the sports, the athletes, the venue, etc. I enjoyed watching events like gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, swimming, equestrian, basketball, and on and on. I did get to watch the Opening Ceremonies at my daughter’s house last night. She uses the same kind of antenna that I do but she has reception at her house (about 1/4 mile from me). I don’t necessarily want to camp out over there, besides, the kids use the TV for their videos and games so I would have to wrestle them to get to watch “my stuff.”

In other news, I took a fall at Anderson’s new school yesterday. We are switching schools because the online academy wasn’t working for us. He will be starting at a Charter School. We will still be doing the bulk of the academic work here at my house but twice a week he will go to the school for enrichment classes which he can choose, like art, music, Lego, etc. So we went to pick out the text books we want ordered for him and someone had left a tennis ball on the rug (which was a yellow print) and I didn’t see it so I stepped on it and went flying across the room, trying to catch myself and break the fall but actually probably making it worse. So I’m very sore today. I mostly fell on my knees, which is not good with my past knee injuries. I also twisted my right wrist and left ankle and I must have hit something on the way down because my tail bone really hurts. But, I am glad Tina didn’t fall. She was right behind me so if she had been ahead of me as she was for most of the tour, she might have been the one to step on that ball and fall and that would not be good as she is in her first trimester of pregnancy number three. So at least I take a bit of relief in the thought that I might have prevented her and the baby from being hurt.

During our tour yesterday, I asked about the possibility of teaching one of the enrichment classes because their website mentioned that they welcomed parents offering such things. Well, I was thinking maybe a creative writing class every couple of weeks. I came out with a binder from Institute For Excellence In Writing which is a whole one year curriculum that they want taught and the woman who did it previously can no longer do it. So I guess I bit off more than I can chew but I will be talking to them next week and letting them know I will be using a combination of my method (National Writing Project) and theirs. And we can iron out the details about frequency and length of lessons. If we can’t then maybe I won’t do it. We’ll see. I want it to be fun. My favorite thing to teach is Creative Writing. I love getting people excited about writing. The curriculum they want taught is mostly academic writing.

I have spent a lot of time trying to do something with my Jamberry business. I have a lot of ideas but they take time to set up and offer on my website and all of my time has been spent helping my daughter with the boys. She is having A LOT of morning sickness and spends most of the day in bed so I watch the boys over at her house and can’t do my stuff! This week, Chris worked from home a couple of days so I stayed home and tried to concentrate on Jamberry until the afternoon when I was called to help with something or other. We’ll see how this week goes. Keeping my fingers crossed. On Thursday, I will be doing the closing shift at the Jamberry booth at the Clark County Fair in Washington. It’s from 7 to 10 but I will need to leave early because of drive time traffic which can double the normally 30 minute drive for me. It’s a little step in helping out my business. Hopefully it helps to keep me afloat for a little bit longer.

All that translates to no reading or writing time. I hope to fix that soon.

What has your week been like? Are you watching the Olympics? What are your favorite events to watch? Are you rooting for any particular athlete?

That’s about it for now. I need to change positions and maybe take something for pain. See you next time! Leaving you with a selfie that I put through Prisma. I kinda like this one.


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If we were having coffee, we would be outside. It’s a very nice 71 degrees with a mild breeze and a mix of sun and clouds. No weather complaints!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the overnight mini trip was, mostly, a success. The boys had a ball. So did I but it was sleepless for me so that was tough. There are also some inconveniences when you are the only adult traveling with a 6 and 3 year old, like taking care of my needs (bathroom and non-Mc Donald’s food), but I managed, uncomfortably but still.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that Spencer has been known to get up in the middle of the night and wander outside. That’s why we have child proof door knob covers. Well, the place we had planned on staying didn’t have vacancies so we ended up at a really cute little mom and pop inn for half the price but…no chain on the doors! So not Spencer proof. I decided I would put a chair in front of the door along with all of our luggage and sleep with my hearing aids turned all the way up so I could hear him if he tried to get out. Well, that was fine until about 11 pm when I went into the bathroom and noticed something moving outside the window. I looked. I almost wished I hadn’t. Cougars! Two of them right where the boys and I had been playing just hours before. Well, after getting a good look at them and calling Anderson over to see them, I wasn’t comfortable with my sleeping plan. So I sat up in the chair in front of the door all night. Spencer was not going to get by me. I managed to doze off and on for about an hour but I mostly sat and stared into the darkness. Then, just before 4, Spencer woke up. And stayed up. He was ready to play but I managed to keep him quiet until about 7:30 or 8. That’s when he had had enough of being quiet and whispering so he decided to start jumping and singing and laughing. Anderson woke up about 8:30 so I got them ready and packed up and checked out. We headed for breakfast but Spencer had a melt down just as the food arrived so we had it packed up to go and headed for the park to eat our food.

The rest of the day was mostly fine. They enjoyed driving through Wildlife Safari. I pointed out the animals to them and they got to feed the goats and deer as we drove through (they sell “feed me” cups which were included with the GroupOn package I got). We took a lot of pictures then headed for the “Village” which is kind of a low key zoo with activities and animals to look at and a petting zoo. The big draw for them was the playground so I let them play and work off the energy they had stored from being in the car during the drive through portion. Then as we drove out of Wildlife Safari to get ice cream before hitting the freeway to come back, Spencer zonked out…finally! He missed the ice cream but it was more important for him to sleep than it was for him to have ice cream.

That was the highlight of the week. I learned that I should travel with at least one child proof door knob cover. Just in case. And maybe I learned not to look out of bathroom windows late at night, although the sight of two mountain lions up close and personal was pretty neat!

I also got to read Rebecca Bradley‘s newest novel, Made To Be Broken, and can report that it is quite the page turner! I thoroughly enjoyed this second Hannah Robbins novel! I highly recommend it!

What about you?  What’s up? I’ll be coming around to read your blogs but it will take me a few days to get to them all! But I’ll be there.

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That’s how long I will be alone here at home. The boys are gone to their other grandparents who have a cabin on a lake to offer (it’s really a wonderfully peaceful place, even when it is full of families on the holiday weekend). My youngest daughter is busy with friends and a barbecue so I won’t see her and the oldest up in Seattle just got back from a full week away for training for his new job which starts on Tuesday so I would not even think of inviting myself there, even if I do want to see the baby. So I’m here. And it sounds like everyone else in the mobile home park is gone. No kids playing outside. No lawn mowers. No dogs barking. No cars zooming up and down the street. Nothing. It sounds as if I am the only person within a mile!

So what do I do?  Well, I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo. It’s the first time I’ve done that, even though I’ve participated in NaNoWriMo every November, save one, since 2005. My goal for July is to edit and add to the first draft from my 2012 NaNo novel which has been sitting untouched and unread since December of 2012. So there’s that. I will work on that. There are also four movies out that I might try to catch if the timing is right. I only go to the cheap theater which is $5 for any showing before 6 pm. So I might try that. There’s a huge sale at Old Navy. Maybe I will go there but I kind of doubt it. There’s a new book on my Kindle by fellow blogger Rebecca Bradley and I really want to get to that. And then there’s the matter of eating. I should do that some place, or at least go get groceries so I can fix something here. Then there’s the cleaning I have to do. And the rest of the West Wing to watch (I’m on season 4 of 7). And I want to watch the old Independence Day movie which I bought to stream on Amazon. (Tip, if you have wanted to own it, it is currently on sale on Amazon…$4.99 for either HD or SD to own to stream, which is great considering two days ago it was $12.99 and will go back up to that on the 5th.)

Then again, who am I kidding? I will probably stay in bed for the whole four days, watching something or other and reading and hopefully editing my novel (working title is Whole Pieces). Now the only question is do I get dressed or not?

There’s also the mystery of who has been reading my blog…like every single post. I have the IP address and am looking for someone in Alabama that visited my blog 142 times one day this week then another 156 times the following day. I haven’t checked today to see if they are still reading but I think they’ve probably read every post I’ve written over the past gazillion years so maybe they don’t have to come back. I kinda wish they’d say hi or let me know why they are so interested in reading my stuff. Oh well, I’ll see where the IP Address takes me. So far it says Birmingham and Alexander City.

What are you up to this weekend? Are you reading anything you would recommend? If you are celebrating, how? Seeing family? What’s on your menu?  Okay, if you’ve got nothing to share, tell me a joke…make me laugh!

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If we were having coffee, we would be indoors. It’s raining here in Seattle. It’s not cold, just wet. You would have to help yourself to a drink before settling in as I have a baby in my arms! I drove up here on Tuesday morning and was handed a baby as soon as I got in the door. The rest of the time has been filled with holding him, feeding him, and lots of burping! Mati is four weeks old. He’s quite alert for four weeks. I think I’m spoiling him. He’s been attached to me almost all day, every day. I got to be his first babysitter, too. His mommy and daddy had tickets to two soccer games this week so they got a couple of nights out and I got this precious little boy to myself.

This past week has been filled with shock and sadness in the world. Being here with this tiny, innocent little boy has helped me both empathize with that grief and sadness and also get through it without totally falling apart.

As Mati sleeps in my arms, I’m reminded of holding his daddy in my arms when he was this age. I’m reminded of how much simpler the world was; how much less hate, fear, and danger we faced. I am also filled with hope and dreams that Mati’s world will be a better place; that he won’t have to know the hate and intolerance; that he will be in less danger when he grows; that he will live in a world that embraces all mankind.

I’ll be driving home to Portland tomorrow. I’m already missing this little one and wondering when I’ll be back to see him. I’m lucky that he’s only a three hour drive away from me. Hopefully that will translate into frequent visits.

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e3aaa9b0-00a7-4eaf-a9c8-e788c0612bdaIf we were having coffee, you’d find me in bed. Dressed but watching TV in bed. All weekend. I’m a little down and the news out of Orlando is not helping. My daughter and the boys are out of town so I haven’t been needed since Friday so I’ve been vegging out. They come back tonight and I am babysitting tomorrow. Then Tuesday I will head out of town to help out with the new baby up in Seattle. My son got a new job and has some running around to do before he starts work in a couple of weeks and my daughter-in-law isn’t feeling well. So I will be going up to help with the little one and get in as much cuddling time as possible.

I would mention that I am no longer in the posting every day practice. The busy schedule pretty much took care of that. When I finished with the boys each day, I would be so exhausted when I got home that I would just sit and fall asleep. I quickly got out of the practice and now when I try to sit and write something, I am wordless. Maybe that will change when I am up in Seattle. Although I will be helping out with the baby, I will have a lot of time, I imagine. So we’ll see. Maybe I’ll post a baby picture or two. I hesitate to do that without his mom and dad’s approval, so we’ll see.

And then there is Orlando. Such sadness. Such violence. Such terror. But, other than sympathizing with the victims and their families, and adding my prayers to theirs, I won’t give it many words here because then They win.

I got stuck streaming Gilmore Girls again. I think this is the third time this calendar year that I have streamed all seven seasons. I’m finishing up season five now. So no new titles to report this week. You? I started streaming Grimm when I was at my son’s last month so I will probably take that up again when I am up there. It’s a little different from my normal viewing but I did enjoy it. And books…hopefully I will get to read a bit when I am up there.

So tell me about you! What have you been up to? What is in store for next week?


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