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I miss having friends. Real life friends. Friends I can exchange a hug with. Friends with which I can exchange giggles and that “knowing look”.

I remember having friends. I remember knowing a friend’s house as well as I knew my own. I remember my friends’ parents not giving a second thought to me being at their dining room table on any given night. I remember having friends where I would not feel like an intruder if I happened to find myself needing a place to share Thanksgiving or Christmas or Easter or any other day with them.

Now it’s all about Facebook and blogs and Twitter and Texting. I miss the old days.

I know I have friends in the virtual world and those friends are in no way “virtual friends”. I know that with many of my virtual friends I could show up on their doorstep for a visit without question. I could give them a phone call and know that they would be there to listen. So they really are friends. They are just scattered and not there for those physical hugs and knowing glances and giggles and maybe a cup of coffee by the fire or sharing a tub of popcorn at the movies.

I guess I’m feeling lonely today. I’ve been reading blogs and wishing that I could lend some encouragement besides a comment or a tweet and so I’ve realized that I’m pretty much all alone here. I have my daughter and grandsons a block away. But that’s it. I don’t know anyone else here and because of my “last minute” schedule status where I could be called at any time to take care of one or both of the grandsons, I don’t schedule any outings for myself and so I don’t meet anyone. But I am grateful and happy that I have the boys and my daughter near me. Imagine what it would be like if I didn’t have even them!

In any case, here’s hoping all of you have a friend to share physical space with when you need/want to!

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