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Technology. Sometimes we can’t live without it and at other times, we can’t live with it.

I love my computer. I have a desktop and a laptop. Recently, due to health reasons, I have been using mostly my laptop, mostly in bed. I began to write my NaNoWriMo novel on the laptop. It has seen better days. It’s not new. It’s almost three years old. But I love it. It’s small and light and full of neat features. However, after the past almost three years, it has gotten very slow and I have put a lot of programs on it that I end up not using. I also download a lot so I end up with a lot of adware and spyware. Recently, my browser was hijacked and even though I cleared it of all the adware and spyware and it checked out as not having any viruses or worms, I could not use Firefox. I would uninstall it, reinstall it, but it would not load. Not at all. I hate IE. I can’t browse without my Firefox. I tried. I tried for two weeks.

Finally I ended up reformatting my laptop. I backed everything up. Then I began the process. No biggie. That is, until I tried to reinstall my programs. Even some of the ones that came pre-installed were asking me for product keys and serial numbers that I didn’t have. It has taken me four days to find everything and get it near the way I like it. It is definitely working much better than it was before the reformat but it’s a little strange to have to type in my passwords on every site I use. I have had to have my passwords reset and emailed to me and in some cases I got away with just answering the security question. (more…)

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I have been dutifully enjoying reading blogs and commenting on them for the past hour.  I became so engrossed in the task at hand that it was nine minutes into the most horrible  and degrading TV show around (The Bachelor) before I realized that it was even on and then it took me another six minutes to find the remote to change the channel.  I know, you’re thinking “forget the remote and get off your butt and change the channel, or better yet turn it off” but I have one of those “new style” TVs that you cannot change the channel on except with the remote control.  And to shut if off without the remote, I have to turn the TV around on its swivel base and reach behind it to the Power Off switch.  I hate when they do that … the manufacturers, that is.  I recently had to replace a DVD player that was perfectly fine but the remote control went out and there is no way to do anything on the DVD player except power it on and off, which is okay for the DVDs that just start playing on their own but most of them have a Menu that you have to navigate through before you can start the movie (sometimes it only says “Play Movie” but won’t start until you hit Enter or Play) and with no remote, you can’t do it!  I actually looked into getting a replacement remote control for it instead of buying a new DVD player.  I could get one if I send them $20 for the remote, $10 for shipping, and a required $3 for insuring the package, then I have to wait eight to twelve weeks to get it.  The DVD player only cost me $30 on Overstock. com.   So I got a new one.  This one has buttons that I can actually push to do stuff without the remote!  Yay!  I learned my lesson.  Now to do something about that TV with no buttons!

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