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A couple of months ago I met a blogger named Zoe Ambler. She has a new book out that she has published on her own. Independent writers have a tough job. They must do their own marketing and publicity and unless you have a huge online presence and following, that’s a pretty tough job! It occured to me that I could help a tiny bit by introducing her to my readers here on this blog. It is my hope that YOU will share a link to this blog post with your friends and readers, as well as on Twitter if you have a Twitter account. Each one of us can help. I hope you will help Zoe by reading about her and pointing others here to read about her.


Author Zoe Ambler

Author Zoe Ambler

Zoe Ambler is from Enterprise, Alabama. She’s 44 years old and broke through into writing by way of role-play gaming, which she still loves to this day.
A “military brat”, she has traveled the world, but always finds her way back home.

Her hobbies include sketching, playing violin (badly, according to Zoe), collecting oddities and office supplies. Zoe is often found spoiling her fat cat, obsessing over coffee and the coming zombie apocalypse.

Zoe is the author of Road Of Darkness, a horror novel published in December of 2014. Her next project is a follow up to Road Of Darkness which she hopes to have available this summer.

Q: Tell me a little bit about yourself. What do you do for fun?

I’m a Southerner, so I guess for fun I do the stereotypical ‘redneck’ things. I’ve gone hunting and fishing. I like driving my big truck. But, I also play the violin, badly, but hey, I try. I am an avid gamer though. I absolutely love text based RPG style games and strategy games.

Q: What do you like most about the genre you write in?

I love the different spins you can put on things. The horror genre allows you to take these classic monsters and put your own ideas into them, breaking them from the norm. It also allows you to go through the ages, through history, learning little facts you may not have known along the way.

Q: Where is your favorite place to write?

My home office and my local Coffee Shop. My home office is set up just right, and, well, I’m at home. I don’t have to put pants on. The coffee shop is a favorite place because it keeps me from some of those bad habits like sneaking on to my games and whatnot, allowing me to focus. (The Wi-Fi is slow…not acceptable for gaming. :[ )

Q: What’s your next project?

I’m working on the follow up book to The Road of Darkness. It is pretty much completed, though I found myself with two endings. I’m torn on which one to use. And after that, I am releasing a series of romance/erotica books.

The Road Of Darkness
A brief Summary
The Road of Darkness is the story of Addison. She’s a young Southern Belle in early 1700 Louisiana with a love for Voodoo. She’s a child of privilege, but never really let it go to her head. She was always a little odd.

Our little Southern Belle is attacked and turned. A vampire. However, unlike most, she embraces this new ‘life’. She finds delight in it. A darkness grows within her.

Like any young vampire left to fend for themselves, she stumbles in her new existence. She meets others here and there, and the world of the paranormal opens up to her.

Due in part to her thrill of bloodlust, she becomes fascinated with war. Soon she is moving from country to country, war to war. Mans evolution and technology in the art of warfare intrigues her.

Through her time and adventures, she has fleeting bits of both happiness and sorrow. The darkness within her will only allow her so much happiness.

Her link with all things Voodoo brings her into the servitude of the Baron Semedi, demi-god of the Underworld. A deal gone bad. It only serves to deepen that darkness. Can anyone help her before she does irrevocable damage to both an entire city of innocent people…and herself?

Not your typical vampire story in the least…

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