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This year, through a number of circumstances, I will be alone over the Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend.  I have been trying to convince myself that it’s okay but the more I worked on psyching myself up to be okay with it, the more I realized that I was not going to like being alone.  I thought that I might volunteer at a homeless shelter or something but in the end, my daughter is going to borrow my car to go out of state so I will also be without transportation.  And although the Portland Metro area has an extensive public transportation system, I’m in a rural area and the bus just doesn’t go near me.  I would have to drive to the transportation center and leave my car and take a bus in to town.  In the end, my bus trip would be shorter than my drive to the transportation center.  I won’t have a car to drive there so that’s out.

Just as I was starting to feel a panic about being alone, I read a Facebook post that came across my Wall.  It seems that there is a reading event in which I can participate this weekend!  I’ve done similar events in the past and have really enjoyed them.  So I signed up to participate in Thankfully Reading, the 2010 edition.  This will be great!   This type of event offers participants the opportunity to participate in a group event independently.  Through blog comments and FB posts and Twitter tweets, we all get to know a little about one another and about what we are reading.  It’s a wonderful way to make friends and get some leads for books to read in the future.

Now I am looking forward to the weekend and looking through my Kindle books to see what I want to read this weekend.  I’m excited!

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