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It was uncouth.

It was asinine.

It was disrespectful.

It was unforgivable.

It was insane.

It was a lot of things.  They’ve all been said.  Many times.

I think that at some point, we need to move on.  Everyone, on both sides and in between, is engaging in name calling.  It isn’t helping either side.  It isn’t helping America.  It is polarizing the issue, making it worse instead of better.  It isn’t helping this country to move forward.

I really think that people have to stop all of this stupidity.  If we don’t, we risk moving backward instead of forward.

Let’s move on, not back.

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Two Words…


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I’m exhausted. I’m trying to work on my Nanowrimo novel. I continue to face comments and questions about how progressive California is and how it’s just not possible that Californians would vote for a ban on gay marriage.

Below is a map taken from the website of the California Secretary of State. It shows how each county voted on the proposition. I have added the writing in red.

Let the map speak for itself.

How California Voted on H8

How California Voted on H8

I have been watching with such sadness and great hope as thousands of Californians march, rally, demonstrate, and hold candlelight vigils to show their outrage at the continued prejudice against them and on losing a very basic civil and human right.

May hope, prayer, and justice prevail.

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I’m not excited about much in this election.  I don’t feel we had any real choices past the primaries.

However, watching the long lines and the excitement of so many millions of Americans on this day and over the past months, I can’t help but hope that they will be victorious.  Why?  Because we need vast numbers of Americans to feel invested in this country.  I think that is one of the major problems right now.  People have felt for so long that they have not had a voice in what happens in this country and it has shown in the way our country has strayed.  I think that if more people, millions more, feel that their voice counts when they go to the polls, that determination to improve this country will really change.  The determination and will of so many will manifest in real change; real progress.

I do remember feeling about a candidate the way that so many people feel about Obama.  It was a long time ago.  I do remember crying and jumping up and down with my kids when Bill Clinton won the first time around and again the second time.  I remember my kids getting caught up in my own enthusiasm. That was the last time “my side” won.  That’s been far too long.

I do get it.  It’s difficult for me to get behind this candidate.  My candidate got left behind and that’s when I lost all interest in this election.  But I do get it.  I do hope that Obama wins, not because I back him but because I think that Americans, young and old, rich and poor, black and white, male and female, gay and straight, all of us, need to have this psychological boost.

I fear what will happen if he doesn’t win.

I think we all should.

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…for the one issue that I care about most in tomorrow’s election.  Very frustrating.

Yesterday, someone sent me a link to a YouTube video entitled “Did We Vote On YOUR Marrriage?” I was already very much anti California’s Proposition 8 and very much pro gay marriage before I saw this video but I cannot tell you the impact that this made on me.  I was sitting in my living room, with tears streaming down my face.  The happiness experienced by the PEOPLE in this video at the news that the California State Supreme Court had ruled that banning marriage between same sex couples was violated the rights of such couples under California’s Constitution’s Equal Protection clause (May 15, 2008)  Of course, as we know now, this right is in danger of being taken away.

If passed, Proposition 8 would add a clause to the California Constitution which would read: “Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California.”  I no longer live in California.  I’ve lived out of state for almost three months so I can’t even vote on this issue.  It was very tempting to not register in Oregon and have my California absentee ballot mailed to me in Oregon.  I actually didn’t think about it until I registered in Oregon.

I don’t think any of the people running for any office will make much difference to our country.  I don’t think many of the bonds or propositions or measures will make a difference.  However, Proposition 8 will take away the rights of so many PEOPLE.  Whatever they are, they are PEOPLE first.  They have the right to fall in love and marry any consenting adult.

Why do we always have to exclude people instead of INclude them when it comes to human rights?  If our country wants to get back on track, we need to be INCLUSIVE.  We need to guarantee the same rights to everyone.

Proposition 8 is a step backward for this county and for humankind.

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