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Melbourne is known for their street art which is encouraged and sanctioned by the government.  There are stray bits of street art all over Melbourne. We knew this before our trip but had it filed away in the furthest recesses of our minds.

Our first night in Melbourne, we tried to get reservations at a tapas bar, named La Movida, which is known as the best Spanish Restaurant in Melbourne but we couldn’t.  They were booked.  Kind of bummed about it, we headed for Federation Square anyway, figuring we would find something to eat there.  We did.  We ended up in the cafe part of Young & Jackson which is one of Melbourne’s oldest pubs.  Tony had read up on breweries and pubs so it was on his list and we ate there.  However, I was still curious about La Movida.  The next day we went walking and exploring in the same Federation Square area.  That’s when we stumbled on Hosier Lane, la Movida, and Australian street art!

Hosier Lane from across the street…


Hosier Lane from across the street. Pretty narrow!

Once we got to the street (really no more than an alley) we could see why the restaurant was full the night before.  They seat about twelve people at this location.  There is another location a block away but we didn’t know that.


La Movida wine and tapas bar, Melbourne.

I took a couple of steps into the alley and realized this was the place with all the street art.  I called Tony back and we spent almost 45 minutes taking pictures. Tony walked further down the street than I did and he walked back into little tiny driveways where more art was present.  I was really intrigued with the artwork and with the fact that it is respected and left up, even when it is political in nature.




I love these colors, don't you?


This same alley displays quite a variety of styles.


One of several "mini driveways' or alley within an alley.

This one below is one of my favorites.  It is right outside the door of the restaurant.  You can see in the top portion what is the wooden frame where they place their menu and just to the left is the door to enter the restaurant.


One of my favorites!

Below is a picture of the alley from the other end.  As you can see, we weren’t the only tourists admiring the artwork.  By the time we left the alley the group of tourists in there had grown more and it was beginning to be difficult to take a picture without getting in someone’s way!

Hosier LaneR

The length of the alley from the other side.

Tomorrow will be either about driving on the wrong side or about food!

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I’ve been looking at photos of hot air balloons posted by Robin and Ron on their respective blogs and it has kind of made me homesick for the Sonoma Valley.  I dug up one of my photographs of one of the most exciting parts of a hot air balloon festival– the Dawn Patrol.  The Dawn Patrol goes up before dawn to test the conditions such as winds and temperature.  It is a stunning sight to see them light up in what is called a simultaneous burn, as shown in the photo below, when all three of the Dawn Patrol balloons light up,  just before they take flight.

The Dawn Patrol prepares to take flight at the Windsor Hot Air Balloon Classic in Windsor, California.

The Dawn Patrol prepares to take flight at the Windsor Hot Air Balloon Classic in Windsor, California.

The second picture is one of my favorites that I have taken of hot air balloons.  I love the entire process of unpacking them, unfolding them and then inspecting them for rips, tears, and weaknesses.  Then they are filled, the gondola is attached, then they are uprighted, passengers loaded, and away they go!

Balloon being filled.  This one is almost ready to attach the gondola and upright to go way up high!

Balloon being filled. This one is almost ready to attach the gondola and upright to go way up high!

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I have driven the 280 freeway north and south between San Jose and San Francisco a gazillion times and every time I drive it, I think about stopping to take pictures. It is very scenic. However, I am usually not alone or it is too late or raining or something. Yesterday was different. I was alone and it was about an hour before sunset when I left San Jose. I thought maybe, if I was lucky, I could stop for some pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge. Then as I drove, I was overcome by the beauty of the rolling hills and the greeness of the mountains. And the fog. It was just beginning to creep over the mountains and it was breathtaking. I stopped. Not once but six times.

Below are the results, minus the sunset pictures which will come in a post, soon. I think you’ll see what I mean about being overcome by the beauty.


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