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Memory Orbs

I keep coming back to this idea ever since I saw the animated movie Inside Out last August. It’s a really, really good movie for the kiddos and I enjoyed it, too. It talks about memories and emotions and what to do with the emotions that make you act unlike yourself.

One of the neat visuals for me in the movie was the first time we see memory orbs. They are in a big room and there are all these little balls of varying color on a type of conveyor belt moving through and being cycled back around. We are told that they are memory orbs. Each one holds a memory from our past that we can recall at any time. The different colors are for different emotions associated with the specific memory. When we are feeling down, we can recall a happy memory to lift us up a bit and remind us that not all is bad or negative.

I kind of feel this would be great for blogging. So I think over the next few weeks I will be posting my own memory orbs. They’ll be little, tiny pieces of my past…59 years worth. I often get flashes of memory even from as long ago as when I was only one year old. And they are just that…a flash.

So, watch for those memory orbs and in the meantime, if you get a few free minutes, give a visit to some of the blogs on NanoPoblano which I haven’t been able to visit often. Here are a couple:



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If we were having coffee on this first Saturday of November, I’d invite you to Starbucks. I have a couple of free drinks earned through the rewards program and my all-time favorite coffee drink is in season…eggnog lattes! I wish I could have several of those each day! It makes me so sad when they stop serving them for the season.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I am about a thousand words behind in my NaNoWriMo word count but I’m not too worried. I lost Friday’s writing time, all day in fact, to technical problems and babysitting but today I begin the day with a new modem and router and it’s all set up and encrypted and ready for me so today I write!

I would also tell you that I won’t be writing all day because I sort of promised Anderson I would take him to see the new Peanuts movie this afternoon. And there is grocery shopping to do. But I should get some significant writing time. And then there is tomorrow when I will be at a write-in for a couple of hours. It only takes me about an hour to write the day’s quota (1667 words per day) so if all goes right today and tomorrow, I might be able to jump ahead by a couple of days.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that while I don’t find writing a blog post a day for NaBloPoMo difficult, I do find it very difficult to read all the blogs I’m supposed to be reading on the NanoPoblano challenge. So I’m thinking that since I can’t get to all of them every day, I will give you a few links per day and hope that some of you can look at one extra blog peer day so they get some visitors and likes and shares. Can you do that for me, please? I’ll list the links at the end of the post.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’m still not over my cold. This is day 12. I feel better but I’m not over it. I tire easily and I need more sleep. I am still coughing and sneezing. But at least I can function without the cold medicine!  And I would also tell you that I finally got the NanoPoblano thingy to work in my sidebar! I knew it was something simple that I was just missing because it would link to the right url but there was no picture. Got it figured out. I was missing a “.” in the image url. Once I found that and fixed it, it works!  Yay!

I guess that’s about all. I might come back for more coffee tomorrow because I know I want to say more but I can’t remember.  And by the way, if you get a chance to click on the NanoPoblano image in the sidebar, it will take you to the list of participating blogs. I’m quite impressed with the quality of blog posts I have been reading from the list of blogs, for the most part. Go see! Go read!

Okay, time for more coffee and maybe reading a few blogs.

Blogs to check out if you can, just because I can’t get to all of them:

Drunk On Life

Steph Mignon

Mark Bialczak

This post is part of a weekly blog hop hosted by Diana at Part Time Monster. Go have a look and join us!


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“It only happened to terrible people. Terrible people. Murderers themselves! … Loan sharkers. Heroin. These were the people in our neighborhood.”

That’s Toby Ziegler’s father trying to justify why he was involved in Murder Incorporated, the enforcers for organized crime organization, the Mafia.

The episode, Holy Night, made me wonder about murder and if it is ever justified. Murder. Killing others. Even, in my view, capital punishment. Is that right?  This episode also has President Bartlet reflecting over what he did when he gave the order to kill a foreign dignitary that had tried to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge and was involved with other terrorist acts against the United States both on foreign soil and domestic.

This is one of the reasons I like watching The West Wing. It gives us a lot to think about. Not just politically but morally.


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Yesterday, after I collected Anderson from kindergarten, we went to buy soup at the Dollar Tree (only a dollar a can for name brand soups and I’m eating lots of soup because of my cold) and then came home. He asked to go to Nana’s house so I brought him home. When he got out of the car, the first thing he noticed was that my garden flag saying Happy Halloween was gone. He asked me why I took it down (he gets to take the flag down and pick the next one as I have several possibilities for each season). I told him I did not take it down. It was stolen. He asked who took it and I said I didn’t know. Someone had stolen it. We’ve been talking about stealing because we saw a shoplifter being arrested at Target the other day and he wanted to know why the police were taking the man away. He doesn’t understand stealing because he wouldn’t think of taking something that doesn’t belong to him.

“We should call the Police and tell them to go get the bad guys that stole it, Nana.”

I explained, or tried to, that we couldn’t call the Police for something little like a stolen flag because Police have a lot of things to do and a lot of really bad people to go after.  He said the Police are supposed to get the “stealers” so we should call them. I kept trying to explain but his five year old mind couldn’t wrap itself around the idea that nothing was going to be done about a stolen garden flag.


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  1. The look on Spencer’s face when he brought me the bottle of bubble solution. It was a big smile. He knew his Nana would not say “no.” He loves bubbles. I blow them and he chases them and smashes them.
  2. Another huge smile on Spencer’s face when he realized that he could put his hand in the candy bowl and pull out a candy at each store where we trick-or-treated. He usually has to wait to be handed one but this time he could actually walk right up and stick his hand in the bowl and take what he wanted. He was all full of two-year-old-smiles.
  3. “Don’t take Nana home. I want to keep Nana forever. Please don’t take her home.” That was Anderson (5 years old) on Halloween.
  4. Being included in the plan to move to Omaha and buy a house. And another smile when I found that they were looking only at listings for houses that have a separate apartment or Nanny unit on the property so that I could have my own space. I didn’t even ask and that’s what they are planning.
  5. The cat finally figured out that if she stays at my feet, she can sleep in my room with me. If she comes up to my chest or face, she gets kicked out of the room and I shut the door. She seems to accept that now.  Yay. Finally!
  6. A little boy playing peek-a-boo in line at the grocery store. I think he must have been about three.
  7. Making my NaNoWriMo word count for the first two days of the month!
  8. After about ten tries, I am one step closer to making the NanoPoblano graphic show up on my sidebar. It’s still not working but I am a little bit closer than I was yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.
  9. Finding a blog that will help me with my NaNoWriMo project research.  Yay! I won’t be going into this project totally blind.

There were other smiles but these are the ones that stand out at the moment. I’m tired. I’ve been either writing, researching, or with the boys since 7 am and it is now after midnight. So for today…that’s all she wrote!


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The Godfather–This is my favorite movie.  I can watch it every week and not tire of it.
The Godfather 2–Then when I am done with the original, I start on this one.
The Godfather 3–And we might as well make it a marathon, besides, it has Andy Garcia in it!
Under The Tuscan Sun–I like the sense of adventure and unknown in this one
Mona Lisa Smile–A movie about a strong women is a winner in my book every tiime
Chocolat–Another movie about a strong woman…love it!
You’ve Got Mail–This one is an interesting and totally possible look at internet use, fun and funny
Sleepless In Seattle–I really like the storyline
Practical Magic–Magic and magical.  Funny.
Dirty Dancing–Who would not like this one?  Love the music in it.

There are others but these are the staples.  I’ve always owned a copy of these in various forms.  Now I own them on Amazon cloud!  They’re always with me that way.

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Well, I’m doing it again for the eighth year.  I think just about everyone that drops by here knows what NaNoWriMo is by now so I won’t repeat.  I’m also doing NaBloPoMo this month…that’s a lesser known Nano…it’s National Blog Posting Month in which bloggers commit to posting every day of the month.  I’ve done them concurrently in previous years but haven’t for awhile so we’ll see how it goes.

Stumbling Blocks.  There are always those and this year is no different, or perhaps it’s different in the type of stumbling blocks.  This year I found myself with laptop problems and took it to my daughter’s boyfriend to take a look at it as he knows computers.  It really wasn’t bad.  It was just horribly slow and there is a lot of memory left on it, over two thirds of the 500 GB hard drive, so that isn’t the problem.  I found that a lot of icons didn’t show up, either, especially on WordPress.  I should have waited because now, a week later, the month has begun and he hasn’t looked at it yet.   So I thought I would be writing on my tablet, using a bluetooth keyboard but that is horribly uncomfortable for me at the moment so I went in search of something else.  I found an old netbook that I haven’t used in three years.  There’s nothing wrong with it.  I just stopped using it, when it was almost new, because I got my laptop and I like that so much better.  So I turned it on and I’m using that.  However, before I can do just about anything on it, I have to update it because there are about 233 updates needed and it keeps bugging me to update it so I gave in and started the update process.  It has been three hours now and I finally finished the updates.  Whew!  Then I had to remember passwords for the different sites I use and in most cases I ended up having to reset passwords because there was no way I could remember the password.  So I did that and now I know that as soon as I get my laptop back I’ll have to go through and update the passwords on that.  And now I also have to do it on my phone and tablet.  What at mess.  Then there is the fact that I really don’t like this netbook.  It has a strange keyboard.  It’s a standard one, and almost full size so that’s not the issue.  The problem is that the keys are completely flat and right next to each other, touching each other.  That means that when I type, I end up hitting the key next to the one I am trying to hit, or above or below.  So I end up having to make a lot of corrections which is time consuming and frustrating.

Well, I guess this too shall pass.  I know I’ll conquer/deal with the technology problems eventually so I will keep trying and keep writing.  You may see a lot of NaNoWriMo related posts this month.  It’s one way to fulfill the NaBloPoMo commitment and also tag my posts with NaNoWriMo so that other participants can maybe find some help and/or tips.  I’m toying with the idea of creating a NaNoWriMo page for this blog and putting all my prompts and tips and some samples there.  I might but we’ll see.  Not committing to that one yet.

Happy November.  May you succeed in fulfilling any of your commitments, NaNo, NaBlo, or otherwise.

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