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My daughter, Tina, was born in a Rat year according to the Chinese lunar cycle. According to some things I have read on Rat people, perhaps Tina’s charm, passion, and charisma is due to the characteristics of her Chinese zodiac sign. I’d rather like to think it’s because of me and what I’ve taught her but perhaps it’s also due to the influences of the lunar calendar. So the beginning of this post begins with a pass at the Chinese New Year, today being the start of the Year of the Rat.

I really should be discussing my son, Tony, not my daughter. Today is Tony’s 26th birthday! He’s anything but a rat. He was actually born in the Chinese lunar year ruled by the Dog and some of the characteristics he shares with other Dogs include loyalty, patience, intelligence, and straight forwardness. (more…)

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So what do two teen girls do when they travel across the country?
Killer Trash
They found vintage shops to check out.
This one is in Fells Point in Baltimore.
They bought enough “vintage” shoes and clothes at a number of shops so that we had to go buy a suitcase to pack everything in!

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I created a monster and I didn’t even mean to.

When I was younger, much younger, I loved to take pictures.I had several of those 60’s and 70’s instant cameras and took tons of film with them.When I graduated from college, my mom gave me an SLR camera.I loved taking photos with it but I didn’t know much about photography.I never took a class.I never read a book on photography.I just enjoyed it.As I started a family, I got newer cameras but I always came back to my SLR.However, my husband thought that I didn’t need all those cameras so when I got a fancy schmancy Olympus automatic camera, he gave my SLR to his brother who was also into photography.I always wanted to get another one.However, I knew I didn’t have the time to invest in photography as a hobby so I waited.I encouraged my kids to try photography.They enjoyed it and took it as a class in school.I was pleased that we shared an interest in photography but then they went on to other things. (more…)

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My daughter and I were having lunch at Mimi’s yesterday. She was having French onion soup and mentioned that she had French onion soup when she was in Paris and didn’t like it as much as she likes it the way it is cooked here in the U.S. Apparently, the one she had in France had the onions finely chopped and she likes them un-chopped. Then she went on to tell me that she had also had quiche in Paris. I like to listen to her talk about her trips because I feel like I can experience a little of it when I listen to her. (Afterall, I payed thousands of dollars for those trips and never heard about them much; didn’t even see pictures!) (more…)

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My cell phone rang at 1 AM. Very few people have my cell number and no one calls me at that hour. My heart stopped. It had to be an emergency. I looked at it and it was my daughter who was in the other room of the house. I figured she wanted me to fix her tea or bring her cold medicine as she has one of those yucky winter colds. I picked it up: (more…)

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[This story is about something that happened several years ago. It’s true. It’s proof that even I make mistakes. Just don’t tell my kids! ]

It started as one of those absolutely marvelous days, only to turn quite bad!

After a delicious morning of incredibly well-behaved and productive students, at lunch time the Principal complimented me on the day’s writing lesson which she and the Superintendent had observed. Everyone in the faculty room heard her compliments and they gave me a thumbs up! I was feeling very successful, even blissful. After lunch my students brought me sweet notes and pictures they had made for me, along with the healthy parts of their lunches they hadn’t eaten. At dismissal, I let them all go and had a short parent conference then packed my bag with the papers I would have to correct that night. Watching the clock, I headed for my car. (more…)

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I discovered Moleskine notebooks about eight years ago. I love them. I love the way they look and the way they feel. I have never owned one. I have purchased them and given them as gifts but I have never allowed myself to indulge in their luxury and utility.

Moleskine notebooks were produced in France and used as the preferred notebook and sketchbook for legendary artists including Van Gogh who made sketches on Moleskine sketchbooks. So did Picasso and Matisse. Ernest Hemingway used Moleskine books to make notes and plot stories for his novels. He describes writing at a café in Paris, using his notebook, in Moveable Feast and in The Sun Also Rises. Hemingway is one of my favorite writers. How could I not be impressed by and drawn to Moleskine notebooks when they were once again produced in 1998, after being gone from the face of the earth for years?

If you’ve never seen one or touched one, you should jog down to your favorite book store and look for one. I know that chains such as Borders and Barnes & Nobel carry them. So do some of the smaller bookstores. I was recently (well last April) drawn to a display of Moleskine notebooks and “city books” at Powell’s Books in Portland. I really wanted to buy one and I did. I got the small pocket sized ones in a three pack. I gave them to my son who uses little notebooks for ideas and notes, even though he now has a great cell phone/PDA to do it on.

I had actually thought to myself that this year I might gift myself a Moleskine notebook for my birthday. I had rationalized it but I’m sure I would have backed off in the end. (more…)

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