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The Godfather–This is my favorite movie.  I can watch it every week and not tire of it.
The Godfather 2–Then when I am done with the original, I start on this one.
The Godfather 3–And we might as well make it a marathon, besides, it has Andy Garcia in it!
Under The Tuscan Sun–I like the sense of adventure and unknown in this one
Mona Lisa Smile–A movie about a strong women is a winner in my book every tiime
Chocolat–Another movie about a strong woman…love it!
You’ve Got Mail–This one is an interesting and totally possible look at internet use, fun and funny
Sleepless In Seattle–I really like the storyline
Practical Magic–Magic and magical.  Funny.
Dirty Dancing–Who would not like this one?  Love the music in it.

There are others but these are the staples.  I’ve always owned a copy of these in various forms.  Now I own them on Amazon cloud!  They’re always with me that way.

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