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This Week

This week signals a few beginnings for me.

  1. I started an online Writer’s Digest course on copy editing.  My income will go to zero in May of next year when my ex husband retires so I will have no more income.  I need to start preparing to earn some money some way and I thought copy editing might be a natural for me.  So here I go!
  2. Thursday I begin my regular volunteering in Anderson’s classroom.  They want me to read a story each week then help with some literature lessons.  Yay!  Right up my alley!
  3. I have a co-authored post over at Part Time Monster on Thursday.  I’m excited about it because it was one of those that I thought of on my own then executed with Allison‘s help.  You should go take a look at it.  I will probably post a link to it on Thursday or I might re-blog it.  Look for that, please.
  4. This week I started taking walks and hikes on my own.  Now that Anderson is in school, I can’t wait for him to go with me or it will never happen.  So it’s solo hiking for me.
  5. I’m starting to brush up on my tarot reading.  I used to be quite good at it and I’m thinking if I review and practice, that might be another avenue for some kind of income in the future.  I can do individual readings or maybe hire myself out for parties.  We shall see what is in the cards for me!


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This morning, while reading through the blogs I check out every day, I came across this entry on Behind the White Coat,  a blog that has quickly become a favorite since I discovered it in March.  In this one, she writes about negative memories of home, or of one home she had.  It made me think about what makes a home.

I’ve lived in a lot of places.  Most of them have felt like home, some not so much.  Here’s sort of a summary of them.  At some point, I’ll write more about each one, I think.

1.  My childhood home remains a place of magic.  It’s where I played with my siblings, late into the summer nights.  It’s where my parents were young and I felt their sense of wanting a better future.  The place where that better future was still possible for them, and for us, their seven children.

2.  Then the move in 4th grade that took us to the home where I really grew up, perhaps more quickly than I should have in some ways.  It was the home where my brothers grew up and ran away from home then came back.  It was the home that although had held so much promise for a better future, we all ended up wanting to run away from there, even my parents.

3.  And we all did run away from it.  My brothers to their own lives with wives and kids.  Me off to college.  My sisters weren’t so lucky because their move was with my parents as they loaded up cars and trucks and headed for southern California.  That home quickly fell apart, my parents splitting up and everyone going in their own direction.

4.  The dorm where I spent four years was home.  Although there are some negative memories there, when I think of that dorm, Casa Zapata, it does feel like home with a family made of dorm mates, some of whom are still my friends, even now almost 40 years later.

5.  Let me backtrack to high school.  That was a home for me too…everything that involved school was home to me.  I not only felt at home in the physical school but I also felt a sense of family there.  I still am in touch with teachers from that school and it has been over 40 years since I graduated from there.  It was a place where I felt I had value.  A place where I belonged.

6.  Then I married and for the most part, the three “homes” we shared were home.  I looked up to my husband and cherished every word he said.  I did as I was told.  We were happy.  We thrived.  Our three children were born and they thrived.  Then BOOM!  It all changed when one person decided to move on.

7.  My kids, and wherever we were at together became my “home”.  It didn’t matter where we were, physically.  It just mattered that we were together.  And that’s still true.  We don’t have to be in any one physical home.  It can be a hotel room or a park or someone else’s home.  As long as we are all together, it’s home.

I guess home is really where the heart is, as cliché as that is.  Sometimes it’s a physical building; sometimes an entire neighborhood or city; or where you hang your hat; but most of the time, it’s where the heart is.

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I was born and raised in California.  I lived there all my life until 2008, when I was 52 years old.  At that point, it got way too expensive for me to live there so I moved to Oregon.  However, California is home.  It will always be home.  Here are 5 things I miss about California and 5 things I don’t miss about California.

Things I Miss

1.  My daughter.  She lives in Santa Rosa and I don’t get to see her enough or often.  She’s my baby, my youngest.

2.  Family.  My mom and my three sisters live in California.  So do some cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.  I miss them all.

3.  Having history with places in California that will always identify me as a “California girl”.

4.  Incredibly good weather most of the year.

5.  Fruit.  Fresh fruit can be found in abundance in California and because it is so plentiful, it is a lot cheaper in California than up here in Oregon.  The fruits I miss most:  apricots, peaches, plums, oranges

Things I Don’t Miss

1.  Traffic.  Traffic can be unbelieveably stressful in many metropolitan areas, and even less populated areas.

2.  Sales tax.  We don’t have sales tax in Oregon and you don’t realize what a chunk of your dollar it takes until you go back to California for a visit and have to deal with 9% or more tax.

3.  Film crews.  When I lived in southern California, it was not rare to go to the park or the zoo or even the grocery store and have areas blocked off because “they are filming there”.  There was one house on my street that was used often for different movies so at least for a few days every three or so months, my street was blocked off and I would have to back up and get home through another street.  Not fun.

4.  Pretentious people.  Yeah, especially in southern California.  They’re all over.  ‘Nuff said.

5.  Incredibly good weather most of the year.  (Yeah, I know I said I missed that but sometimes too much of a good thing is just too much!)

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