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My Girl

I really missed Susie today.  I always miss her but today she turned 19.  She’s all the way across the country in Baltimore so I couldn’t see her.  I did a good job distracting myself and keeping busy but tonight it is really getting to me.  And unfortunately, it will be a while before I can see her; maybe not until spring break.

Below you’ll find a picture of Susie.  It’s not a fresh one.  It was taken about two years ago on a trip to Los Angeles.  We stayed with a friend of mine and her little boy just fell in love with my Susie.  He wouldn’t leave her alone.  Finally, he got the courage to ask his mom if he could kiss Susie and his mom said he had to ask Susie.  He was thrilled when Susie said yes and made sure I took a picture.

Jayson kissing Susie

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Another Kiss?

(This was written from an image prompt.  The image was a pair of chocolate kisses.) 

They had become friends at an art event they had both participated in.  Later in the week he had called her and they spoke for a little bit but she had to get her kids to bed so she asked if she could call him back after ten.  That night they talked on the phone for over two hours.  The next night they talked for another two hours.  He was nice and she looked upon him as a friend.  He was ten years younger than she was and hadn’t ever been married and had no kids.  He had a lot to talk about and after he told her about his bad childhood and about abuse he’d suffered and about the death of both his parents, he wanted to hear about her life.  She talked mostly about her divorce and her kids.  The following week, he asked if he could come over and use her computer to do some research online for an anthropology class he was taking.  She agreed and he came over when her kids were at their dad’s apartment.

She showed him how to get online and a few search engines then she moved out of the way so he could do his research.  She was nearby, reading a couple of poems he had written and brought to share with her.  After a while, he stretched out and said he needed a break.  He handed her a chocolate kiss and popped one in his mouth.  She thought it sweet and ate the candy.  A couple of minutes later he asked her if she wanted another kiss.  She really didn’t but didn’t want to hurt his feelings so she said yes and he leaned over and kissed her mouth…a long slow, soft kiss.  He had caught her by surprise.  That was the last thing she had expected, but she didn’t complain.

After that she saw him at the house he lived at, as a caretaker.  From time to time, she would go out and see him when the kids were gone.  They continued to see each other at readings and he joined her writing group.  Eventually her kids met him as a friend at one of their mom’s readings.  Once, he brought the kids little toys and once he came and watched a movie with the kids.  And soon  it was over.  She didn’t like the ten year age difference between them but she had needed him when he’d come by and he had needed something from her, too.

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