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If we were having coffee, we would be indoors. It’s raining here in Seattle. It’s not cold, just wet. You would have to help yourself to a drink before settling in as I have a baby in my arms! I drove up here on Tuesday morning and was handed a baby as soon as I got in the door. The rest of the time has been filled with holding him, feeding him, and lots of burping! Mati is four weeks old. He’s quite alert for four weeks. I think I’m spoiling him. He’s been attached to me almost all day, every day. I got to be his first babysitter, too. His mommy and daddy had tickets to two soccer games this week so they got a couple of nights out and I got this precious little boy to myself.

This past week has been filled with shock and sadness in the world. Being here with this tiny, innocent little boy has helped me both empathize with that grief and sadness and also get through it without totally falling apart.

As Mati sleeps in my arms, I’m reminded of holding his daddy in my arms when he was this age. I’m reminded of how much simpler the world was; how much less hate, fear, and danger we faced. I am also filled with hope and dreams that Mati’s world will be a better place; that he won’t have to know the hate and intolerance; that he will be in less danger when he grows; that he will live in a world that embraces all mankind.

I’ll be driving home to Portland tomorrow. I’m already missing this little one and wondering when I’ll be back to see him. I’m lucky that he’s only a three hour drive away from me. Hopefully that will translate into frequent visits.

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A friend who is a gun owner and proponent posted a link on her Facebook feed today which led to an article about a gun owner who held a burglar at gunpoint until police arrived.  It was a reminder about how gun proponents and gun opponents are so widely and adamantly divided.  I know I could never have a gun in my house and when my children were young, I did not allow them to go visit anyone who had guns in their house.  I don’t like guns.  I don’t think there is a need to have them, unless you are going out hunting.  I am not one that thinks that all guns should be taken away from those who legally own and register them and take proper precautions.  I know it’s their right ot have them.  However is it not also my right to live without the fear of walking down the same street with people carrying/packing guns?   I guess not.  Everyone is so concerned with the rights of gun owners that the rights of us non gun lovers are being stepped on.

I know I will never be able to convince a gun proponent that my way is right, just as they will never be able to convince me that their way is right.  They have been taught to be around guns and use them since they were born (in most cases).  It’s a mindset.

Well, it may be good that a burglar was stopped at gunpoint so that law enforcement could deal with them but at the same time, here in Portland, across town, we had another gun shooting today with four students being shot.  The shooter is on the loose.  And armed.

Bang bang.

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