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Yesterday we went to see the Minion Movie.  It’s usually just me and Anderson. Tina went with us once before.  Yesterday we took Spencer because he loves the minions in the Despicable Me movie.  He is captivated by them so we figured he would like the movie.  It was the first time he went to a theater to see a movie. He’s two.  We weren’t sure how he would handle it.  I was prepared for him to be afraid of the dark (I took a small glow stick he could put around his neck to give him a little light).  We were prepared for him wanting something to eat (I baked minion cookies and we had minion fruit snacks). The boys had minion t shirts and all four of us (Anderson, Spencer, Tina, and I) had minion temporary tattoos. We were ready!

Minion cookies!

Minion cookies!

Well, when the lights went out and the previews began, Spencer was not scared.  He was fine.  He was sitting in his mommy’s lap. For about five minutes.  Then he got off her lap and stood behind the seat in front of him (we were in the last row and had no one in the three rows in front of us) and just watched.  When the movie started, he watched intently. For about 20 minutes. Then he walked to the aisle and stood there.  For about 2 minutes. Then off he went, down the aisle, slowly, watching the screen and then back up the aisle to our row.  Very quietly he stood there, at the end of the row.  He did that several times. Didn’t bother anyone; just walked up and down the aisle.

Then it happened.  Someone came into the theater and Spencer realized there was a door there.  So off he went, pushing the door and going out into the lobby, his mommy in hot pursuit. They came back a few minutes later and he sat on her lap and watched for awhile.  Then he repeated the whole thing: stood to watch; walked to the end of the row; walked up and down the aisle; back to the end of our row; then out the door to the lobby again.  And off went his mommy to get him.  The third time, I went out to get him.  We walked around the lobby for a bit.  He seemed to want to explore so I let him see what was around, but stopped him short of walking into one of the other theaters (there are 8 screens at that theater) then we went back to our movie.

The next time he walked out of the theater, Tina went after him. They were gone about ten minutes when the door opened and Spencer came back in with a big smile on his face and sat on my lap.  No Tina.  I waited for her to come back in.  She finally came back in about three or four minutes later.  Boy was she relieved to find Spencer!  Apparently, she was in the bathroom and Spencer crawled under the stall door and wandered off.  She looked for him as soon as she was able to but couldn’t find him. She went into the theater to get me so I could help her find him but then she saw him sitting on my lap.

He’s like that.  He has a very good sense of direction.  He knows exactly where he is going.  He wandered out of the bathroom and came straight back to me.  He didn’t end up in the men’s room, or in the wrong theater.  And thank goodness he didn’t turn right out of the bathroom instead of left because that would take him to the exit doors and he would be out in the parking lot!

So I’ve nicknamed him The Homing Pigeon.  He knows exactly where he’s been and where he’s going. One place he won’t be going back to for awhile is the theater!

Spencer and Nana

Spencer and Nana

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Come on in and have some coffee with me. I really need to have some this morning. I’m totally exhausted.

If we were having coffee today, I would tell you about Anderson’s birthday party. It was yesterday. For once, we didn’t have a lot of kids. There are some that always come because their parents are friends with Anderson’s mom and dad but I think thse friendships are changing, distancing, so those people were not invited this year and that was fine. Most of the kids from his school didn’t come but his little girlfriend came (her name is Kourtney) and a couple of the other kids. So we ended up with four “big kids” (3 1/2 to 5 years old) and two little kids (2 or almost 2). Plus parents for all the kids. It was more fun that way. Anderson got to spend time with all of the kids and they played and watched the Lego Movie. I had prepared games for them and we played a couple of them. They liked that and they liked getting prizes for the games! Pinata time was fun, although Anderson refused to take a swing at the pinata this year. Cake and ice cream and presents were all fun and like clockwork, everyone was ready to walk out the door right at 4. Everyone left at the same time and we were left to just relax. I finally made it home about an hour later and promptly fell asleep for the rest of the day, not waking up until about 9 last night!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about a movie I saw last night, after my long post-party nap. It wasn’t anything I had heard of but it was on the Recently Added to Prime list on Amazon so I gave it a try, mostly because I love Martin Sheen. It’s called Wrinkles and is a feature length animated movie from Spain, dubbed into English. It’s about life in a retirement home. It has a good story with the two main characters. If you get a chance to watch it, I would recommend it.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that today I can just veg out and read blogs. I’m behind and I’m not “on call” with the boys today. Their other grandparents are visiting from Tacoma so I won’t be needed over there today. I need the day off so that’s good. It will be a hectic week coming up so I’m glad for a bit of a breather today. At some point I’ll need to go get some of my stuff from my daughter’s house. I took game stuff and prizes and my helium tank and balloons. I also took a lot of extra stuff that she might need. It will all have to come back later today, or maybe tomorrow. I really don’t want to deal with it today but I don’t want it in her way, either.

What have you been up to? Do you remember a special birthday or birthday party? I never had a birthday party until the year I turned 40 and hosted one for myself. Do you have any movie recommendations for me? And of course, we can’t close up without talking about the weather. How is yours? Ours is changing. We have had a few beautifully clear days. Today it’s gorgeous out but my thermometer tells me that it is only 38 degrees out there so I think I’ll stay in, grab another cup of coffee, and wrap my blanket around me after you leave.

I hope your week is productive and that you find some time to laugh and have a bit of fun!

Mini poster I made from a magazine ad!  I think it's staying up for awhile.

Mini poster I made from a magazine ad! I think it’s staying up for awhile.

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Way Behind!

Today finds me way behind in reading blogs and answering comments. For four days this past week I couldn’t sleep. Now for the past two nights, I sleep and then can’t quite wake up the next day. I slept like a log last night and woke at 10:30. I ran to the bathroom, came to read a couple of blogs then promptly curled up under the covers again because I was too sleepy to read anymore. Then I slept until after 1:30!

Last night we had a lot of commotion. I got a call from my daughter asking me to come over because Anderson had hurt his foot and there was a lot of blood and she thought it might need stitches and wanted my opinion. So I grabbed my keys and ran out the door. Ran. He was okay. He had his hand on a washcloth that was covering the cut and the blood had been cleaned up. He was calm but didn’t want to let me look at his foot. I had to give him the m&ms I carry in my purse for just that kind of moment. It wasn’t too bad but it was a gash…a piece of flesh missing. I figured because of where the cut was, in the front right where the foot meets the leg, if untreated it would open up if and when he ran or jumped or maybe even walked. So I told her she should take him to the ER and let them decide. And he might need a tetanus shot. So off they went and I stayed with the little one as he slept. A couple of hours later, they were home. No stitches. Steri-strips instead. No trauma. In fact, my daughter says he didn’t want to come home because the bed was so soft and comfy!

I’m glad it all turned out well. But you know, it still made us all stressed and nervous and all that. Maybe that’s why I came home and slept so well!

Anyway, I’m way behind and I need to prepare tomorrow’s post where I introduce an indie writer.

Okay, off I go to find something to eat…it’s almost 4 and I haven’t had anything but coffee so I need to do something about that!

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Last night and tonight have been spent scouring the internet for ideas and patterns, especially free downloadable ones, for Lego theme party decorations, crafts, favors, etc. Yup, it’s that time of year. It is about five weeks until Anderson turns 5! He has requested a Lego party which makes sense because that’s all he ever wants to play with these days.

I’m thinking of making individual rubber stamps of a Lego type figure or block that we can include in the goodie bags for kids. I’ve made hand carved rubber stamps before but it has been a while and I’m not sure if I still have my cutting tools. I’m hoping I can find them this weekend and settle on some easy graphics and buy my erasers and get started because I think I will need some place between ten and twenty! Then I can use a set to make some stickers for the goodie bags, too.

My daughter is making Lego brick shaped crayons and will get started on them as soon as the mold arrives. I think she’s making the cake or cupcakes this year, instead of me. I’m the one that usually makes and decorates them. But it’s her turn and she wants to do it so I’m good with that.

We have a couple of games for them to play and a craft, all with Legos! These kids will have fun and it will be a blast to watch them.

I’m glad Spencer is not old enough to know about requesting a birthday theme because their birthdays are only four weeks apart but within the next couple of years, that will change and we’ll have to do two themed parties in a four week period! Whew! At least they are both boys so there’s a chance the little one will be into some of the same things his big brother has been into so we can do a repeat!

This was the cake I made for Anderson's first birthday.

This was the cake I made for Anderson’s first birthday.

This is the cake for his fourth birthday.

This is the cake for his third birthday.

This was for birthday number 2.

This was for birthday number 2.

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Those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile might remember that four years ago, when my first grandson was born, I was in the delivery room with his mom and dad and I cut the umbilical cord.  I was the first one of us to get a picture of him and the first one that he peed on!  He and I have had a special bond between us.  I see him every day.  He comes over to my house every day, not because he has to be babysat but because he asks to “go to Nana’s house”.  I can never say no so he’s over here every day.  A while back I was jotting down some thoughts that came to mind about Anderson (my grandson) and this is what came up:


His little hand in mine

his total trust

his head on my shoulder

daily visits from which he never wants to go home

he says he wants to live with Nana forever and ever

His giggle when I tickle him

his cry when he has to go home

his bright eyes when I show up to pick him up

I never get tired of him, even when I am dead tired

Somehow with him, my energy knows no bounds

and my love for him grows with each moment

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As a mom and a grandmom, I know what most of us know, kids say the darndest things!  I will hear a child say something and I tell myself that I have to remember it.  Of course, I don’t.  I forget things quickly; quicker now as I age.  Recently, while shopping for a different book (one I will tell you about in another post) I spotted one that had me call someone for help to get down off of the top shelf so I could see it.  Yes, I am short.  I can’t reach things on top shelves!

Once I had the book in hand, I opened it to find that it was, in essence, a blank book for recording what grandkids say.  The title is My Quotable Grandkid and it is made by Chronicle Books.  I loved the idea of having a special place to record all the little gems that my grandsons say (well, only one of the two talks right now but I’m sure the other will start yaking any time now).  I had to have it.

So now, I record, or try to remember to record, a lot of the cutesy things or the smart things or even the sad things that my grandson says.  Like this one:

June 26, 2014

Anderson asked for a sleep over at Nana’s house so I said that was fine.  I went over to get him and helped him get dressed and get a pj.  He had picked out one of his Batman tshirts.  When I was strapping him into his carseat, he said, “Nana, you got a Batman shirt at home?”  I answered that I did.  He said, “When we get to your house, can you put your Batman shirt on, Nana?” There was a short pause the he added, “So we can be twins.”   Of course, when I got home with him, I went straight to the bedroom and looked through drawers and found my Batman shirt and put it on.  I came out to the living room where he was sitting on the couch watching a video.  He looked up and saw my shirt and smiled saying, “Yay nana, now we are twins.”  And he pulled me down to sit next to him on the couch.


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I drive my grandson to pre-school and back every Monday thru Thursday, unless my daughter has a day off that falls on one of those days.  When I pick him up, he never wants to go to his “home”.  He always asks to go to “Nana’s home”.  As we approach their driveway (we live in the same mobile home park) he holds his breath until we pass it up and head for my driveway.  Sometimes we stop and get him a snack or run an errand or if the weather is nice and I’m not exhausted, we stop at a playground so he can play.

Yesterday, he wanted to go to the Dollar Tree to get more Halloween decorations so we went.  He picked out a plastic door decoration, one of those full door pictures, with skeletons trying to escape a locked crate.  He also picked a 3 1/2 foot plastic glow in the dark skeleton and some bubbles in an “eye” bottle.  I also picked up some construction paper so we could make some bats and jack-o-lanterns.  We headed home and he wanted me to make some bats for the walls.  As I cut out the bats, he opened the package with the big skeleton and started playing with it. For the next four hours, he played and played with that skeleton and at one point he brought it to me and said, “Nana, this is my new best friend.”  He shared his snack (a can of olives which he absolutely loves) and his hot chocolate with his best friend.  He went down the hall to his room (the guest room in my house is “his room”  with bed and toys and all) and was so quiet I had to go investigate.  When I got near the room, he stood at the open door and put his finger up to his lips.  I asked him if he needed me to put the light on for him and he shook his head and smiled and said, “Shh.  My best friend is sleeping.”  He pointed to the bed and sure enough, the skeleton was under the covers and not only was the light off but the night light had been turned on and the noise machine turned on, just like when I put Anderson to sleep.

After a bit, he said his best friend had to go pee and he went and got the skeleton up and took it to the bathroom with him.  They stayed in the bedroom and I could hear him talking and carrying on a conversation with the skeleton.  He brought it to the living room because the skeleton wanted to watch Caillou.  It went on and on all evening.  When his mom and dad came to pick him up, he wanted to take the skeleton home, saying, “but he’s my best friend; he wants to go home with me.”  But no, his parents didn’t want another skeleton in the house (or any more spiders or ghosts) so he reluctantly went home without it.

It was the cutest thing.  I’ve never seen him play like that for more than about five minutes.  He was so focused on interacting with his best friend.  We’ll have to see if he does it again when he comes over next time.  Today I was not well so he didn’t come but we’ll see about tomorrow.

Best friends are special.  Gotta love them, even if they are glow in the dark skeletons!

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