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When I was in high school (okay, it’s been so long I almost don’t remember!), one of the groups I belonged to,  California Scholarship Federation or CSF, had a carnation sale for Valentine’s Day.  About two weeks before Valentine’s Day, we would take orders for the flowers.  They cost one dollar each and the sender got to choose pink, red, white, or speckled carnations.  They also had to give us the class schedule of the person they were sending the flower to.  Then on the 14th, we spent the day delivering the flowers to the classrooms.

It was a neat little fundraiser for our field trips and it also let a lot of people do something special for their favorite valentine for just a buck!  However, as with all things high school, it also meant that those who didn’t get any flowers would feel out of place and those that gathered more than a dozen (usually the cheerleaders) would feel superior to the rest of us.  And although a dollar wasn’t a lot of money, I know that if I had a dollar, that would buy my lunch for two days!

My sister had a bunch of friends that I hung around with during freshman year.  They were all older so they had already lived through the humiliation of not getting a single carnation on Valentine’s Day.  So we pooled our money for a couple of weeks and then we ordered the carnations for each other so we’d insure that we would each get at least one flower!  See, there is always a way to make things work if you put your mind to it.

By the time I got to my senior year, I had also figured out that the best way to make sure I had flowers delivered to me early in the day was to give out only my first and second period classroom numbers.  That way the flowers had to be delivered during one of those two classes and I would be able to carry flowers all day long.  Besides, by then, I was doing the delivering of the flowers during fifth and sixth period so I wouldn’t be in my classes to receive any sent to me.

I had also figured out that if I wanted to send flowers to anyone anonymously but make sure they knew they were from me, I would give the class number for the periods in which I would be doing the deliveries and I would sign up to deliver to their class.  There was something about being able to hand-deliver a carnation to a special friend (okay, they were guys) and let them guess or wonder if the token gift was from me or not.  (Of course, they always knew it was from me!)

I don’t know if schools still do this or if it is even possible to get a carnation for a dollar and still have something left over for the group doing the fundraising, but I hope that schools still manage to find an affordable way for kids to send these little tokens to their special friends.  I know it was important to us and it is still important for each person to feel special and loved and thought of.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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