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Today’s blogging and writing exercise prompts didn’t ring a bell for me.  I ended up fixing myself a cup of coffee and sat in my corner of the couch to mull things over and see if I could come up with a room or a view to describe (today’s exercise).  I put the tablet aside and reached for the coffee cup that sat on the magazine table to my right.   Wrapping both hands around the chunky cup, my hands were warmed by the aromatic liquid and, instantly, I felt the soothing feeling flow through the cup to my hands and from my hands through my body.  That’s when the ritual took hold of me.  Slowly, one sip after another, my mind began to work as I relaxed and let it wander where it willed.

This is the important part of the day for me.  With luck, it happens in the morning but it could happen later in the day.  In fact, if it hasn’t happened by the evening, even thought I know I’ll have trouble sleeping, I go ahead and have that cup of coffee anyway.  It’s my “alone cup of coffee”.  It It’s thinking time.  It’s feeling time.  It’s my time.  When that first cup is gone, I can read or talk or get going.  I can begin the day and any of busy activity.  Or I can just sit and have more coffee but it’s that first cup that’s the ritual; the cup I allow myself to share with only myself.  And if it doesn’t happen, the grounding doesn’t happen and things just don’t flow on that day.

I guess you could say that it’s the grounds that ground me…at least the ones in that first cup, the ritual cup.

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I had high hopes of having everything set for a smooth transition into this year’s NaNoWriMo (nanowrimo.org). I was going to do my shopping for lots of coffee and tea and things to eat that are easy to fix in twenty minutes or less. I was going to burn a couple of CDs with different music from what I used during my writing sessions during last year’s NaNoWriMo. I was going to sit back and relax on the 31st, saying I was all set for the 1st to arrive.

I didn’t do any of this. Life got in the way.

Some of you will know that my daughter had room mate problems after moving into a new housing situation and her room mates pulled the rug out from under her after a week and told her to move out. She came to my house. This is temporary. This is temporary. This is temporary. Excuse the repetition but this has become my mantra. She has been here for a week. In that week her former room mates continue to be jerks, moving all of her things outside into the carport. Her things include two tv sets which were left outside in full and plain view of everyone and anyone that happened to walk, run, jog, bike, or drive by. We’ve managed to bring everything and put it in my garage, however we don’t have any way of moving her queen size mattress, box spring, and bed frame, her couch or her 1950’s vintage formica table that seats eight. We have had glimmers of borrowing a truck or van only to not have anyone to do the lifting and moving. I can’t help her. I have back, knee, and neck injuries. So those things remain there, in full view of anyone that might want to go and get them. (more…)

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Or give up.

This morning, I was rudely awakened by the phone ringing loudly.  I jumped up, found my glasses (I’m totally blind without them) and ran to the desk, two rooms away.  By the time I got there, it had stopped. Now, that wouldn’t be too bad except that I have the phone set for ringing 4 times then it goes to my cell phone.  The cell phone was in my bed, next to my pillow, two rooms away.  I ran back to get it and by the time I got to it, it had gone to voicemail.  Great!  I waited for the cell to do its thing and let me know there was a voicemail and then called.  It was a hang up.  Wonderful!

By this time, I had looked at the clock and realized it was 9:15 so I decided to stay up.  I had gone to bed late, about 4:30 AM.  I was working on a translation (from English to Spanish) for the organization for which I do volunteer work.  I figured I would do some more work on it and I have to clean up the house because a friend is coming at the end of the week and it is a total mess! 

Staying up meant making coffee. I wasn’t feeling too great so I figured I should take my blood sugar reading (I’m a diabetic).  I knew my sugar was either too low or too high and, depending on which, I would either have oatmeal for breakfast or my scrambled egg whites.  I set the coffee maker to make me a pot of coffee and pricked my finger for the blood reading.  I got the drop of blood on the strip and realized the meter’s battery was dead.  Great!  Next to the meter was a brand new meter I got in the mail about two weeks ago but hadn’t tried because it only comes with 5 test strips and they’re very expensive so I wanted to wait til I was out of test strips for the old meter.  I figured I really needed to take a reading so I proceeded to take a reading with the new meter.  Now I didn’t read the directions.  You know, one meter is the same as another.  Not!  I put the blood on the strip (yeah, I had to prick it again) and it just sat there.  The meter didn’t do anything.  No countdown.  No beep.  Nothing.  Just a pitiful – – – in the window.  Crap!  Now what?  I really wanted to get a reading this morning.  I got out the instructions…the fast start version because I was not going to read a 70 page instruction booklet.  It seemed that I forgot that you had to code the meter first.  That means you have to tell the meter the number on the vial of test strips before taking a reading.  Okay.  Fine.  I could do that.  I thought I could do that.  I began to code the meter but it wouldn’t do anything.  It would turn on but I couldn’t get it to display the coding routine or the date routing.  I realized I needed to reset it by taking the battery out and reinserting it.  I opened it up and took the battery out (I had to use a butter knife because it wouldn’t come out) and put it back in.  I turned it on. Nothing.  It would not turn on.  Wonderful.  Coffee.  I needed coffee.  I figured I would pour a cup and try the battery thing again.

No coffee.  All I had was a carafe of very hot water.  I had forgotten to put the coffee in the basket!  Great.  I guess I really did need coffee!  I reached into the fridge and got out the coffee and put it in the coffee maker.  Just as I finished putting it in, I realized that I had put it in where the water goes, not where the coffee goes!  Now what?  I can’t reach to see in the top of the coffee maker so what do I do now?  I figured, unwisely, that I would just run it through and let it wash out all the coffee.  Well, three washing later, there is still coffee in my water reservoir.  I think I ruined the coffee maker.  It is now 11 AM, I have been up for almost two hours, trying to take a blood sugar reading and make coffee.  Still no luck in either category.   

I came to the computer to write my frustrations away and the darn thing was SOOOOO SLOOOOWWWWW.  I think I should have put the coffee into the computer to get IT going this morning!

Yeah, I should go back to bed!

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