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Los dias de los muertos is a wonderful holiday and tradition. In Mexico, there is a connection between the living and the dead. Each is part of the other. Not surprisingly, Mexicans don’t fear death as they accept it as part of the natural cycle of life. They know they aren’t really gone. They live on in the lives and hearts of those they love.

Some time ago, when my middle child was in seventh grade, I volunteered to put on a presentation for her social studies class. The presentation was about the culture, tradition, and significance of the day of the dead. Before long the teacher had volunteered me to present to each of her five classes instead of just my daughter’s. This was the first of many day of the dead presentations I put on over the following six years. In fact, when I was working, I took the day off from work to put on the presentation at the school.

Before the presentation, I would provide the teacher with a handout covering the background of the tradition, including the origin of it and how it is not only a religious celebration but a testament to the indigenous ways winning out over the squelching of yet another tradition and religious rite by the Catholic Spaniard conquering population. The handout was to go to the parents before the day of the presentation to inform them of the content in case they wanted to exclude their child from it. I warned that we’d be talking about the dead and the role they play in our lives. Then there was a list of things that the students could bring, should they so choose, to add to a class altar we would build during the presentation. (more…)

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