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Barking Dogs

I don’t know how it happened but today I found myself sitting on a stranger’s couch, babysitting three dogs.  Let me take a moment here to tell you that I do not like dogs.  I never have.  I have always been scared of dogs.  I had one dog,  when I was a teenager, that I loved.  I named him Bambi because he looked like a little deer.  He was a miniature Chihuahua.  That’s the only dog I’ve ever liked and the only one I’ve not been afraid of.  Back to today.  My daughter is moving out of one apartment to a house.  She’ll be sharing a three-bedroom house with three other people.  Two of the people are a couple so my daughter gets her own room.  This afternoon, she called me and asked if I would take a carload of boxes to the house.  She and her friend were each taking their cars full of boxes.  My car would make three carloads which would make a significant dent in what she had to move.  I agreed.  When we got to the house, we were greeted by excessive barking  . . .  from inside the house my daughter is moving into.

As the girls unloaded the three cars and brought them into the house, I got to sit it all out because I have a bad back and my daughter didn’t want me to get hurt so she asked me to just sit and wait for them.  I did.  However, in order to make things quicker, they had to leave the front screen door open as they made trips to and from the cars.  That meant that the three dogs would wander out if they weren’t watched.  I was elected to watch them.  So for about a half hour, I had to entertain a Shih Tzu named Taylor, some kind of spaniel named Blackie, and a dachshund named Nitro.  It took some work to keep them away from the door but then they decided they were interested in their new friend, me.  They began to vie for my attention.  Nitro would sneak under my elbow and quite forcefully push it up so his head would be on my lap and Taylor stayed at my feet jumping up and down and yelping (well they weren’t really yelps but his bark is a lot like a yelp).  Blackie was the best behaved doggie.  He just sat next to me and sniffed my legs and put his head on my knee.

I entertained them and I kept them from running out the front door into traffic.  However, I did not overcome my fear of dogs, barking or not.

I guess this means I won’t be visiting my daughter very often.

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