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And then my favorite. This is the view as I exit the driveway of our mobile home park. There is a whole row of  those bright red trees. I  don’t know what they are but every year I look forward to seeing the bright fire red of those trees and every year, when the wind blows them all away, I want to mourn the loss of those beautiful fire red leaves. Then I wait, patiently, until the next time they appear.


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All I could think was, “There she goes again.” My youngest had just left for work, not thirty seconds before when I saw a shadow move across the front yard as I stood washing dishes. I looked up and it was the neighbor, with a rake.

This neighbor is very nice and well meaning but also very nosey. She knows everything that goes on in every house in a three block radius. The second Thursday of the month is street sweeping day in my neighborhood. On Wednesday, the Neighborhood Watch president sends out an email reminding everyone to move their cars off of the street and into driveways so the street sweeper can have a clear path and the street will be cleaned. On Wednesday night I returned from a NaNoWriMo write-in at 10:30 and moved my car into the back of the house so my daughters could move their cars off of the street into the driveway. I came in and told them they could move their cars into the driveway for street sweeping. They nodded in acknowledgment. I was so tired that I went to my room and didn’t check on the car situation. (more…)

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