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Trent over at Trent’s Worls (the blog) invited his readers to participate in a challenge called the 777 Challenge. The idea is to turn to page 7 in your current work in progress, go down 7 lines and copy the next 7 sentences. And although he chose not to tag other bloggers, that’s part of the challenge, to tag 7 bloggers. I won’t do that either. I’ll just let anyone that wants to participate do so.

The excerpt below is from my 2012 NaNoWriMo novel with a working title of Whole Pieces. The character in this piece, Pati, is a housekeeper turned friend turned care giver. She has known the family for so long that she is a part of the family.

The family would start arriving later that afternoon. Mia was driving up from Los Angeles and should be the first one in. Pati loved Mia; thoughts of Mia always made Pati happy. She had seen her grow from a young lady to the still youthful middle aged woman she was now. She had watched her prepare for her wedding and later she had helped her after each of her two children were born. And when the unthinkable had torn Mia apart, Pati had been there to witness the tears. Pati felt like Mia was her own daughter and there were many times she wished Mia had been born to her.

So now, if any of you feels like taking on this challenge, please do.

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