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photo by Sarah Potter

Susie headed toward the door. She had allowed just the right time to run across the street and through the yards five blocks down to her house. She would climb up the tree and into her bedroom window with just enough time to get into her nightgown before her mother came in to wake her. Susie always had perfect timing.

Opening the door of her boyfriend’s apartment building, Susie couldn’t believe her eyes! It couldn’t be. It hadn’t been in the forecast. Now her secret outings would be uncovered.

If the snow didn’t, her mother was going to kill her!

100 Words, Fiction


#FridayFictioneers is a weekly blog link-up hosted by Rochelle and dedicated to 100 word stories to go along with a photo prompt. Check it out and give it a try!

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Had it been that long since her last visit? She hadn’t realized but things had not looked like this the last time she had visited In fact, it looked like no one had been there in many months. Lulu climbed the steps, dodging trash and overgrown plant roots. She scolded herself  for not having come before now. Why had she stopped coming in the first place? This was inexcusable and she scolded herself for not coming at every opportunity. This was her grandmother who had practically raised her and Lulu had treated her like this? Inexcusable!

Word Count: 100

Friday Fictioneers is a weekly blog hop hosted by Rochelle. Each week she posts a photo prompt with instructions to write a 100 word story related to/inspired by the photo. Hop over and check it out!

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I’m So Tired

100 Word Fiction

I’m so tired. I know I should stop but I have to get there. I can’t believe it. When the phone rang at 11 last night, I knew it could be bad news. Yet I answered it. I should have let it ring. Some things can’t be put off. I’m so tired. I have to stop. My eyes won’t focus anymore. It’s 6 in the morning. Others will be on the road soon. I have to stop or there will be two coffins, not one. I expected it to be him, not her. Okay, I see that…Rest Area 1 Mile.


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Like a crazy woman, she wandered from one friend to the next, telling her story, wanting, willing, hoping, praying that someone would have an answer for her. Not just any answer but the answer she wanted to hear, the one she knew was not coming. Surely someone has gone through this and had a different outcome. But deep down, she had known all along, yet she still searched, trying to find the answer that would make her life easier, normal, back the way it had been before he had walked out the door with the duffel bag in his hand.

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He watched her come and go throughout the week.  Just her and the children.  He was used to entire families coming in but in this case, it was the wife for everything, even late at night.  He hadn’t even seen the husband except for the outline of one sitting in the driver’s seat of the car.  He usually got to know the families that stayed at the resort next door for a week or two but this family was different.  There was some kind of strain behind the, friendly eyes and the beautiful smile.  What could it be, he wondered.

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Sitting in the therapist’s office.  That’s when it hit her.

Her intuition had told her that he was straying.  He had not been himself.  Late one night, after a day of miscommunications, she had asked him, “Are you having an affair?”  He laughed and asked, “With who?”  She had muttered the name she suspected and he had said “Not with her.”  Pulling her into his arms, she had crumbled, crying with relief.  They had made love.

Now, sitting here after her family had been torn apart, she finally put it all together. She had been right, only “not with her.”

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This week’s Writers Island prompt is “second chance.” Below you’ll find a couple of short, 100 word fiction pieces with “second chance” as the theme, although not necessarily the title.

Her Turn

It was the second chance she had thought would never come.The years had not been kind to her and her dreams had faded.Now it was finally her turn.The letter had come in the mail, long after she had given up waiting for it.She was heading back to school.She was afraid, to be sure, but she was more excited than afraid.She would be older than the other students.Old enough to be their mother, in fact, her own children were no longer students.But that wasn’t important now. This was it.It was finally happening.

Only Coffee?


Candace hadn’t been to the new coffee shop.She had heard many wonderful things about it.When Tom called and asked if she’d go out for coffee, she had hesitated.”We can go to Nueva Luna, that new place.It’s supposed to be quite good.”

Now she sat in the corner enjoying the plushness of the velvet pillows, yet dreading what Tom might want.They had both felt the vibes.That much she knew.Was she reading anything into this?She guessed she might be.She feared it, in fact.She wanted Tom’s attention.But did she dare risk it?

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