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When I was in the Halloween candy section at the grocery store last night, I spotted bags of mini rolls of Necco candy wafers.  I don’t see those too often.  In fact, they’re hard to find.  You have to go out of your way to find them if you’re looking for them.  I had to buy a couple of bags but I’m thinking I should go back and get some more before they’re gone.

Why are they so special?  Because they’re classic and have been around since 1847?  Well, maybe but I’ve not been around since 1847 so that’s not it.  For me, I think it’s because they remind me of my childhood.  They were a special treat.  The large roll was a nickel.  There was a Safeway store around the corner from us and the world was not as crazy then as it is now so my mom allowed us to go to Safeway without her.  I remember being about five and walking there with my sister who was a year older.  We just had to walk to the end of our block, turn the corner and walk to the end of the block.  The store was across the street and we weren’t allowed to cross the street on our own but there was a fire station on that corner and there was always, always a fireman or two sitting outside in their lawn chairs waiting for a call and when we appeared at the corner, they would come over and make sure we crossed safely.  We weren’t allowed to go often or for just anything.  We were only allowed to go when my mother needed something and there was no one else to go.  She had to stay home with my two younger sisters so if my older brothers weren’t around, my sister and I were sent.  Occasionally, we earned a nickel for doing something or for being extra good.  With that nickel, I bought Necco wafers.  I loved the taste and I loved that they were round and to me, they reminded me of nickels.  Sometimes, I would use them as currency, trading my “nickels” for something else.

I also remember saving the metal end pieces from the refrigerator biscuits.  I would wash them and save them and then my sisters and I would use them as play money.   I know they were big but they were round and metal and shiny and we often had a lot of them.  We had a big family so when my mom made the refrigerator biscuits, she used a lot of those packages to have enough for us all. So they were readily available, and free!  We had to be creative to get toys!

And then there was the Sunday paper with the color comics.  Those were used as pictures.  We cut them out and put them in our play purses and pretended that they were family pictures.  My sister used the black and white ones from the daily paper too but I only liked the color comics so I didn’t use the daily comic pages.  Our little purses cast offs from my mom or baskets and they were filled with Necco candy wafer money, refrigerator biscuit money, and color comic page photos of our “friends and family”.  It was great fun for us and it was all free and had us using our imagination…the best kind of fun!

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He watched her come and go throughout the week.  Just her and the children.  He was used to entire families coming in but in this case, it was the wife for everything, even late at night.  He hadn’t even seen the husband except for the outline of one sitting in the driver’s seat of the car.  He usually got to know the families that stayed at the resort next door for a week or two but this family was different.  There was some kind of strain behind the, friendly eyes and the beautiful smile.  What could it be, he wondered.


Today is day 5 of being in bed with a very bad, horrible, rotten cold.  I’m diabetic so when I get sick, it takes me a long time to shake it…even a simple cold.  It has been more than a week of being sick but I was up and about the first part of the cold.  I live alone.  My daughter has stopped by to bring me soup and a few other things I’ve asked for.  She stops by once a day or so.  I’m lucky she is nearby and can do that for me.

One day last week, when I sensed that I was going to be sicker that night and the next day, I asked her to get me a bottle of cough medicine…a BIG bottle.  She did.  It has one of those safety caps on it.  An adult should be able to open it, right?  Well, it is so difficult to open that I’ve only been able to take it four times.  Last night, as my cold went into the hacking cough stage, I tried and tried and tried to get it open.  Nope.  I know I’m supposed to turn it as I push down on it and that’s what I’m doing but I can’t get it!

So instead of getting the much needed sleep so I can resume my “Nana duties” of driving my grandson to pre school and back today, I coughed all night long.  I also fought with the safety cap all night long.  I tried everything.  Pliers.  Teeth.  Nothing worked.  It was too late to call my daughter to come get the bottle open for me.  So I coughed all night long.  And I didn’t sleep.  This morning I am very sore from coughing.  My ribs feel bruised from coughing.  And I don’t think I’ll be able to drive the Little Guy to school today.

I don’t know.  If I can’t get it open soon, I might have to take a hammer to the cough syrup.  I hope we remain safe…both the cough syrup bottle and myself.  In the meantime, I am going to find another bottle or another cap for the bottle so WHEN I get the bottle open, I can remedy the situation for the next time I need a dose of cough medicine.

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The New Best Friend

I drive my grandson to pre-school and back every Monday thru Thursday, unless my daughter has a day off that falls on one of those days.  When I pick him up, he never wants to go to his “home”.  He always asks to go to “Nana’s home”.  As we approach their driveway (we live in the same mobile home park) he holds his breath until we pass it up and head for my driveway.  Sometimes we stop and get him a snack or run an errand or if the weather is nice and I’m not exhausted, we stop at a playground so he can play.

Yesterday, he wanted to go to the Dollar Tree to get more Halloween decorations so we went.  He picked out a plastic door decoration, one of those full door pictures, with skeletons trying to escape a locked crate.  He also picked a 3 1/2 foot plastic glow in the dark skeleton and some bubbles in an “eye” bottle.  I also picked up some construction paper so we could make some bats and jack-o-lanterns.  We headed home and he wanted me to make some bats for the walls.  As I cut out the bats, he opened the package with the big skeleton and started playing with it. For the next four hours, he played and played with that skeleton and at one point he brought it to me and said, “Nana, this is my new best friend.”  He shared his snack (a can of olives which he absolutely loves) and his hot chocolate with his best friend.  He went down the hall to his room (the guest room in my house is “his room”  with bed and toys and all) and was so quiet I had to go investigate.  When I got near the room, he stood at the open door and put his finger up to his lips.  I asked him if he needed me to put the light on for him and he shook his head and smiled and said, “Shh.  My best friend is sleeping.”  He pointed to the bed and sure enough, the skeleton was under the covers and not only was the light off but the night light had been turned on and the noise machine turned on, just like when I put Anderson to sleep.

After a bit, he said his best friend had to go pee and he went and got the skeleton up and took it to the bathroom with him.  They stayed in the bedroom and I could hear him talking and carrying on a conversation with the skeleton.  He brought it to the living room because the skeleton wanted to watch Caillou.  It went on and on all evening.  When his mom and dad came to pick him up, he wanted to take the skeleton home, saying, “but he’s my best friend; he wants to go home with me.”  But no, his parents didn’t want another skeleton in the house (or any more spiders or ghosts) so he reluctantly went home without it.

It was the cutest thing.  I’ve never seen him play like that for more than about five minutes.  He was so focused on interacting with his best friend.  We’ll have to see if he does it again when he comes over next time.  Today I was not well so he didn’t come but we’ll see about tomorrow.

Best friends are special.  Gotta love them, even if they are glow in the dark skeletons!

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I have a number of new visitors to this blog so I thought I would post links to some of my favorite posts, ones that might give you an idea of what you’ll find here. Today I will list a few pieces related to family and my kids.  Next week I’ll post links to a different topic.  I hope you enjoy something here!


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